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Weekly Backflip?

I like backflips.  They are easy to do, but look difficult. You can do them off many different things in many different ways.  So I've decided to post a clip of a backflip every week and tell the story behind it.  It may be on skis, on a ropeswing, on the ground, off a swing, it might be me, it might be one of my friends, who knows.

Anyways...  May. 8th, last Saturday.  I went up Granite for my usual Saturday morning skin and ski.  I noticed that on Indian Flats, a cat had plowed a road for trucks to drive up, leaving these large, cylindrical banks of snow.  Naturally, I saw the opportunity to be had in these mounds of snow and quickly shaped out a little take off.  Since I was alone up there I did a test hit to feel out the air time then noticed that some snow was quickly approaching so I did this backflip and continued my skin up in the snow.

backflip #1 from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

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