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Knee is Gone.

Today was my first day not skiing since January 4th...
I went down pretty hard yesterday rippin through some tight trees. My instincts thought that the only way to make it through was to dive head first through the only opening in the extra tight bunch, but my left ski got hung up and subsequently my knee popped out. At first I thought my leg was broken for sure but I soon recognized that slow, bone grinding feeling of bones slipping back into their rightful place albeit, not properly attached. Took me a while to gather myself to ski down, but I made it. Went to see the doctor today, he can't really tell much from tugging on my knee but I can sure tell it's not attached very well. Mr. MD is saying blown MCL, probably ACL and possible PCL, sooooo on Monday I'm going to get a consultation from the surgeon who did my shoulder. In the mean time, the knee feels ok. Really unstable, but I can still walk and doesn't hurt too much - way less than a shoulder. I guess that it was inevitable that I'd blow a knee at some point and this isn't a bad time to do it - if I can get into surgery soon. Time to get on the mend!



Backflip of the Week (really sick edit)

Check out this edit from some fins in Finland. They really know how to get it done and this whole edit just radiates fun. plus the backflip at the end is ridiculous and I need to do it now.


Bali Edit - Part 2

Check out the action from Kuta beach, Waterbom park, and all over Nusa Lembongan.



Last night I went to nearby Trail with amigos Nathan and Vinzzz to try to get some longish exposed photos.  This is what I got.


Good ol' Columbia River


rigs, units, and systems


Gute Nacht!


February - Through the Eyes of Jeff

Here's my little edit from February. I had a harder time putting this together for various reasons (shoulders exploding, minimal snow, etc...) but by the time I got around to throwing everything together (i hate editing, but i'm trying to get better) I was pretty stoked on how it turned out + I'm on a Beatles binge.

If you have an NS account you can check it out on there and rate it if you like it at -


[Kolabo] Media is doing it right.

If you haven't seen the first two webisodes from Kolabo, check em out. The boys in Kimberley sure make due without having a park.


How do you get home from the ski hill?

One of my favorite parts about living in Rossland is the proximity to the ski hill and the ability to ski home. Before I put this little video together of me skiing home I thought it was going to be cool to watch. I was wrong. Someone might find it interesting though I guess.


Bali Edit - Part 1

It's taken me a while to get this done, but here is a ghetto chronological compilation of my gopro shots from my trip to Bali this past fall.

im going to go ski powder now.


Whitewater and Big Red Cats

On Tuesday I jumped on the opportunity to shred Whitewater with racer friends Mackensey, Sarah, Mick, Phil, and Nathan.  Wh20 had just been graced with 50cms in the past 3 days so needless to say the skiing was sooooooper fun and I was finally able to ski the new Glory Chair which exponentially increased the epicness of the day. 

Sarah's dreamcatcher/trinket/rig.

Gettin' so artsy with picture effect apps.

Racer ready!

You can't really tell, but Mackensey's hair is casually red.

yo nate.

Then on Wednesday, Nathan and I were fortunate enough to go cat skiing with Big Red Cats to shoot some photos.  Our cat was filled with a solid group of shredders and even though the weather was nowhere near conducive to getting banger photos, we had an awesome day shredding some amazing pow.  HUGE thanks to Paula and Kieren for letting us tag along for the day!  Check out - they have some super cheap standby seats right now.



Here are the shots that Nathan got, check out his flickr -
Tyler boostin.

Myself, getting amongst some snow.

Only photo with good light.

I'm under that snow somewhere...

Pillow poppin.

Tailgunner Chris.

Today, I did a quick lap on DL's trees on Mount Roberts.  I'm an idiot and left my skins+trekkers at home so I spent 45mins bootpacking through shin to mid thigh deep snow.  It was totally worth it though!

Then after a couple inbounds laps, I skied home...
casual waterskiing in the casual bayou