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Photo in SBC's Resort Guide

Last season, I spent a day at Red with Jason Mousseau, Chris O'Connell, and Darryl Hunt trying to get some photos for SBC's Resort Guide. This is one of the shots that I sacrificed the well being of my shins to get so I'm super stoked that it ended up getting published.

Big thanks to Moooose, CKO and SBC!


En Route: Camp BC

Here's another banger from Nimbus. I'd really like to do a similar trip this winter, seems right up my alley!

Movember with Siggers

I don't think Dylan can grow a very good mustache, but he had a pretty epic Movember regardless.


JP Auclair's Urban Segment from All.I.Can

This was one of my favorite segments from All.I.Can (which I HIGHLY recommend buying) as well as being one of the best, most creative urban segments I've ever seen. It was shot in Rossland, Trail, and Nelson. Pretty cool to watch as I often ski through Rossland on my way home from the ski hill ( and have had very similar ideas.


Fernie Opening Day - Through the Eyes of Dylan

siggies is shredding. He and I are also starting a "Through the Eyes of.." series. jk! or am I?


Surge Freerun: Year One

My bros JZ and Liam finished up their freerunning edit from this summer, it's epic. They just won people's choice and judges choice awards in the U-19 Rossland mountain film fest.


That's Fine - Voleurz

Kick back and enjoy the funnest movie of the year (every year) put out for FREE by Voleurz!  Might as well check out their website and buy some fresh new duds while you're at it.


FIS Sucks

Here's a copy and paste from Ted Ligety's blog about FIS's new regulations.  Now that slopestyle and superpipe are in the Olympics and will be much more influenced by FIS, I'm really worried that some ridiculous policy will be imposed on competitive freeskiers. Although it wont affect me at all, I would hate to see the "free" aspect of freeskiing die out.   (Remember when mogul skiers weren't allowed to do inverts?  Thank FIS)

Anyways, read up.  It's a long one, but a good one.

Tyranny of FIS

FIS’s tyranny has gone on long enough. It seems FIS is going out of their way to ruin the sport. FIS runs a dictatorship. They demand absolute control then try to butter their will in a fake cloak of benevolence. Athletes, SRS (Association of Ski Racing Suppliers and NGBs (national governing bodies) are completely impotent in their ability to create positive change in our sport or to stand against rules FIS imposes.

I feel like I might be beating a dead horse on this subject but it is paramount for the future on ski racing. The new rules imposed on ski regulations can’t go through in their current state. They will eventually ruin this sport. As most people already know FIS is imposing new ski regulations that turn back the clock on the evolution of this sport. Giant Slalom has been unfairly targeted. Current rules are >27 meters radius (more sidecut) and minimum length of 185cm, new rules will be >35 meters radius (straight skis from 80’s) and minimum of 195cm. (I currently race on 29-meter radius, 191cm in length skis.) FIS has put together a study that has recorded injuries from 2006-2011. A time frame for which did not allow for any correlations to build between injuries and eras in equipment. We’d need the same info dating back to the early 80’s to see any injury to equipment correlations, not the last 5 years. In FIS’S study they say 36 skiers were “severely” (out for 28 days or longer) injured in downhill, 9 in Super G, 16 in GS and 11 in slalom. They didn’t not take into account that GS is the most skied event, everyone from downhillers to slalom skiers train GS. There are probably 200 GS runs skied for a single downhill run skied and in races there are 2 runs in GS as opposed to one in downhill. Without even doing math it is obvious that the injuries per run in GS are far less then downhill. This begs the obvious question that goes unanswered; why was GS targeted?

On the World Cup it is pretty rare when the vast majority of the athletes agree on anything. The ski regulations, particularly in GS have brought together the athletes like never before 41 out of the top 50 men signed a petition against the rules and in Soelden 15 of the top 20 men in GS (Austrians didn’t come) met to discuss the rules. (It should be noted that only 2 racers have advocated for the rules; Hannes Reichelt and Benjamin Raich along with one Ski Company Amer Sports or also known as Atomic and Salomon.) In which we all opposed the imposed ski regulations and agreed that the ultimate goal was to eliminate FIS from equipment regulation. As athletes we have the greatest incentive to be safe and healthy. We all know how short our careers can be and very few of us are compensated for the risks we take. Therefore, we currently and in the future choose equipment that not only allows us the ability to be fast but to make it to the finish line safely. I have on many occasions chosen skis that were slower but had better control instead of faster and uncontrollable skis. The equipment companies are highly incentivized to keep their athletes healthy as well. They have far more invested in us then FIS and NGBs so they want to protect us as their asset. FIS has shown that they don’t value athletes, as seen in this instance in their complete disregard for our input. FIS’s study was based around 2 on snow sessions with several Europa Cup skiers. Suffice to say that is not nearly enough data to come up with such dramatic conclusions. With just those two tests and with no input from athletes or coaches they pushed the rule though so that there was no opportunity to debate the proposals. The athletes, SRS and the coaches protested and have since proposed a World Cup test where the top 15 athletes would test the new equipment on a World Cup slope but FIS denied this opportunity to evaluation their hypothesis. Proof that FIS has little confidence that their research will hold up under further testing. FIS’s only goal it seems is to look like they are being proactive safety wise though they won’t bare the brunt of the consequences when they don’t work. By making these rules they can say they tried and that may somehow elevate them of any liability.

FIS has already shown their incompetence in coming up with safer rules in the past. In 2007 they made a rule that made the skis wider which made the skis more aggressive which may have led to injuries by extending the lever arm thus putting more force on the knee. The new rules will make the sport more not less dangerous. Not only did FIS’s study say that there was no statistical difference in force between current skis and new skis but they didn’t measure the torque that will be needed to twist the ski around in a clean manner. Thus creating a larger force on one’s knee. The law of unintended consequences will kick in and most likely create more injuries. The latest generation of World Cup racers has never skied on straight skis so these new skis will be completely foreign (less controllable), making them/us get into awkward body positions and ski in a “jumpy” manner so that we can create enough force to turn them. We will also take a straighter line in which we will slide the top of the turn then hit the edge hard, creating a higher peak force (mostly centered around the bottom of the turn where force is highest already), while leaning back to get the radius needed, since the sidecut in the tip will not allow the ski to turn in a forward/centered body position. Outside of the injuries this type of skiing will create by creating a higher sheering force on the knee (commonly associated with ACL tears), it will also cause greater fatigue, which is one of the leading injury causes. The ski industry has produced many studies tracking millions of skier visits over the last 30+ years in which they have found the advent of sidecut has juristically reduced injuries (mainly to the knee). I’m more inclined to believe a study that has tracked millions of skiers over 30+ years then a study in which testing was concluded in 2 days with less then 10 athletes. Injuries happen when the athletes are taken out of their comfort zone and we will not be in our comfort zone with these skis.

So how will this ruin the sport? The new skis will make skiing at the World Cup level less enjoyable to watch and perhaps more importantly far less enjoyable to participate in while making it more dangerous. Arcing clean turns is a joy everyone racing now days can enjoy. That feeling will be gone. First World Cup athletes will suffer this fate then in a couple years when the rules become FIS wide 15 year old kids will have to turn in their “old” carving skis for long straight skis. This will give the big kids an even bigger advantage and will drive kids out of ski racing; into freesking or the copious amount of other sports kids have available to them. Another way it will ruin the sport is the economically side. Ski racing is to ski technology as Formula 1 is to car technology. This new rule will take that away from ski racing since anyone will be able to buy better skis in a store then we race on. Why would ski companies stay in racing if it were no longer driving technology and sales? Ski companies are the main financial supporters of this sport; the athletes make the majority of their income for their ski companies and the amount equipment built for World Cup skiers is astronomical. If the athletes are no longer driving R&D and sales, the companies will eventually pull their support. Most athletes struggle to make a living at this sport already and without the support of the ski companies most won’t be able to afford to continue racing. And there goes the sport of ski racing.

FIS’s tyranny doesn’t just cover ski regulations but all sponsorships too, from the size of your headgear sponsor to the speed suit to the logo on your goggles. I am particularly concerned about the goggle logo issue for the obvious reason that I own a goggle/helmet company; Shred. FIS has long had a rule that the logo on the goggle strap could not be larger than 15 square centimeters. The rule has been ignored for just as long as it’s been around and for good reason, you can’t read a 15 square cm logo on someone travelling at speed and it was never enforced. This fall, out of the blue FIS decided they were going to enforce this rule, for seemingly no reason. Enforcement now is apparently, first a warning followed by not being allowed to start the race on the second offense. Most logos currently are 40-50 square centimeters. There is no point sponsoring a ski racer let alone start a company based around ski racing when one’s logo is too small to be noticeable. This hurts small companies like mine the most since it greatly takes away Shred’s ability to get valuable impressions to break through. Outside of this rule’s enforcement being a bad idea, it was not made known to companies early enough so they could put together the logistics to comply or what will likely happen in the future, decide their marketing budget is better spent else where. Which gets me to the greater point of FIS seemingly trying to drain the pockets of the athletes, since a large portion of athletes’ income is derived from helmet/goggle companies. I would think it would be in the sports, therefore FIS’s best interest to create value for not only FIS’s sponsors but also the sponsors that allow the athletes to compete at a high level.

Not only will FIS not listen to rejections from SRS and NGB’s on the ski regulations and logo issues as a show of complete power. It wants to fine athletes for speaking out against FIS. I was threatened several years ago for wearing a “FIS SUCKS” sticker on the back of my helmet. (I was 2 minutes late to a pre bid draw meeting and forced to start 45 while I was leading the standings hence the sticker.) I was told that a similar action would result in a 5000 CHF fine. Most recently word is that FIS is thinking about suing Jon Olsson for his choice comments he made on his blog about the ski regulations and posting “FIS SUCKS” logo on his site. At the most recent FIS meeting they discussed punishments for athletes speaking out against them. I quote an excerpt from that meeting, “The Council agreed to develop a “Code” to deal with cases of improper behavior that fall outside the competence of the competition jury to augment the existing rules, such as blasphemy on social networking sites or bringing the sport into disrepute.” Who would have thought that being a ski racer you lose your right to free speech.

One would think there would be some discourse to combat these atrocities but there is not at this point. Apparently Bill Marolt; the President of USSA and Vice President of FIS doesn’t even have the ability to bring these subjects up for discussion, let alone reversed or revised. The athletes to this point have had zero representation in the decisions FIS makes. When we hear of FIS’s decisions and we disagree we are ignored as shown in Soelden. Faceless committees make these decisions, and once the mandates are passed down their ego doesn’t allow them to admit wrong and reverse rules that are so obviously wrong. Unfortunately for alpine ski racing FIS monopolizes the sport so any and all changes will be hard fought or take FIS vastly rethinking their position in how the sport processes or more likely regresses. Perhaps it’s time to unionize the athletes or start an alternative tour. (An athlete union is now developing but it remains to be seen how effective it will be.) This should serve as warning for sports like freeride skiing and snowboarding, don’t let FIS monopolize your sport. FIS will bleed your sport dry of what has made it so cool.

Ted Ligety

PS Feel free to repost this anywhere and everywhere.


Raine and I got our ears pierced today...

This afternoon, Raine and I were just hanging at Tim Horton's when I noticed that a kid sitting near us had an earring. Obviously I posed the question "Would it be funny if we got our ears pierced right now?" Of course the obvious answer was yes!  so we headed over to Ardene's where our pal Erika works. Sure enough she was there so we dropped $30 each and got her to pierce both of our ears. I got some timeless stainless steel studs, and Raine decided to go with the sparkly blue plastic alternative. It's cute.

Raine, getting his left ear pierced.

And here's one of my ears.

Pretty #cahj day for us.


Biggest wave ever surfed...

I'm a huge fan of surfing, can't do it for the life of me but I just love waves and the ocean and surf hair. Anyways, I'm pretty fired up that this guy just surfed a 90' wave! The biggest waves Ive been in were probably around 8-10' and I was scared shitless, can't even imagine what it's like to roll into this rig.


Movember - Week 1

Here's my current muzzy.  Looks terrible.  Borderline embarrassing...


En Route Cascadia

Here is Nimbus Independent's second "En Route" Episode, filmed last winter at Crystal Mountain, Alpental, Stevens Pass, and White Pass in Washington.

Enjoy! It's one of my favourites from Nimbus so far.

En Route Cascadia from NIMBUS INDEPENDENT on Vimeo.

7 Billion People on Earth: Where do you fit in? check out this BBC website. It can apparently calculate what number you were on earth when you were born and what number you are in the earth's history...

I was the 5,439,367,256th living on the planet and 80,589,422,346th in the history of the earth.



Movember 2011

It's everyone's favourite time of year again! Everyone with a little or a lot of hair on their upper lip should let it loose for the month of Movember to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Check out for official details, free stuff, and to create your own
"Mo Space" (mine is I'm taking a picture of mine everyday to document the fun and will post a progress report photo of my muzzz once a week. Hopefully I can get this dust up to where it was last Movember.

Good luck, get them sanchezes greasy!


Legs Of Steel - Nothing Else Matters

Check out this movie that my bro Andre Nutini put together from last winter in Europe and North America. He's come a long way from filming us shred around Red back in the day haha.


Sack Lunch

Take a gander at this short movie that the Joystick crew put together from this summer at Mt. Hood. It's fun, I like it.

Sack Lunch is the sequel to Hot Lunch which was put out in 2008 soo if you haven't already seen that, watch it!


My friends are in Asia...

Follow Mick and Mackensey's blogs as they hangout in Thailand for the next couple of months teaching English. I'm soooooper jealous of them being out in the world adventuring while I'm stuck here in school...

check em out.


My 10/11 Ski Journal

This was my second season keeping a journal of what I skied everyday and it's really cool to look back on what I did all winter. I dunno if anyone else will find it interesting, but here it is!

1 - Nov. 16/10 - downflat at jubilee. starting slow, doing all the basics. not much snow.
2 - Nov. 17/10 - looong single barrel and down flat at jubilee. 10ish cms of sticky, slow snow. hard to get speed for single barrel. fun rail though.
3 - Nov. 18/10 - jubilee shreddin.
4 - Nov. 19/10 - jub.
5 - Nov. 21/10 - 6 hours at jubilee with academy kids. very solid sesh. landed a 7 off nothing. hit jubilee gap.
6 - Nov. 22/10 - skinned up granite. skied main. good pow but no base.
7 - Nov. 23/10 - jubilee with hatch. hatch broke a box. super cold out.
8 - Nov. 25/10 - jubilee with hopkins. mellow sesh, guy rolled up on xcountry skis and ate shit hard.
9 - Nov. 26/10 - night sesh with pat and vinz. fun flatbar.
10 - Nov. 27/10 - wall drop by prestige and urban pillows with vinz and gonzalo.
11 - Nov. 28/10 - skinned up granite, shedded belle. fun as. did a bunch of bflips.
12 - Nov. 30/10 - up granite, belle shred. wind blown loading on the north side. hit step up onto retaining wall at ski hill parking lot at night, scott sled tow 80km/h.
13 - Dec. 2/10 - up granite, skied papoose bowl. Wind loaded but bonded well, no sluff. fun pow shreddies.
14 - Dec. 3/10 - jub shreddin with berg. little tricks, mellow sesh.
15 - Dec. 4/10 - shredded 49 degrees north with ski academy. fun as day, some sun, some pow, first time shredding the casual caylors, booyah!
16 - Dec. 6/10 - sunset run down short squaw with mike. good snow, need more base. mike's aunt's dog does not shred.
17 - Dec. 8/10 - jibbin jubilee flat plastic rail fun.
18 - Dec. 10/10 - jibbin jubilee fun.
19 - Dec. 11/10 - tbar and silverlode open. mellow fun. coached in the morning then headed up granite and skied some good turns on high spirits.
20 - Dec. 12/10 - red opens. 25cms of new snow with a pleasent rain crust. Fun pow shredding, rode the DPs.
21 - Dec. 13/10 - granite opens. good ol rain crust. dead legs, had fun, hit some pillow lines. had to leave at 12 to move stuff for mommy.
22 - Dec. 14/10 - little bit more snow, knocked down the crust making it so sick! shredded with buck and kieran then filmed a bit with mike and peacock.
23 - Dec. 15/10 - afternoon skiing after work with evan and kieran. snow firmed up a little but still fun. legs really sore.
24 - Dec. 17/10 - Free ski day. cooked KD on deck shredded link's and cpt. jacks a few times with large crew. good, leftover pow.
25 - Dec. 18/10 - Day 1 of CSIA Level 1 course. super boring, short radius turns.
26 - Dec. 19/10 - Day 2 of CSIA Level 1 course. even more boring. did 3 runs in 6 hours.
27 - Dec. 20/10 - Day 3 of CSIA Level 1 course. learned how to get on a chairlift...
28 - Dec. 21/10 - Last day of CSIA Level 1. passed. did acouple runs uptop on lunch break. pow! happy winter solstice!
29 - Dec. 22/10 - Coachin academy. bunch runs all over. big side booter boosts.
30 - Dec. 23/10 - more academy coaching. shreddin hard.
31 - Dec. 24/10 - hit tree bonk jump, then sent side booters on long squaw super hard.
32 - Dec. 25/10 - couple afternoon laps with dad. merry christmas!
33 - Dec. 26/10 - morning shred before boxing day shinny with dad.
34 - Dec. 27/10 - a bit of snow. everything softened up. lots of link's laps and bflips with jz, marsh, raine and patty.
35 - Dec. 28/10 - 10 more cennies. kind of pow day? legs dead. line on mother bigger than i've ever seen it. ski a bunch of poochies laps.
36 - Dec. 29/10 - another 10 cennies. good ol pow slashes. hit a rock beside the finger. fun, long day. legs still dead but powered through it.
37 - Dec. 30/10 - wind blew everything around, more freshies. coached academy.
38 - Dec. 31/10 - won the red goblet! suuuper cold.
39 - Jan. 1/11 - pretty hungover. two runs on short squaw with pops.
40 - Jan. 2/11 - dug snow cave, fell asleep in it. then did bunch backflips and other tricks on whitewolf jump.
41 - Jan. 3/11 - mellow cruising day.
42 - Jan. 5/11 - snowed a bit - shredded around granite and red with nate, dayna, and willis.
43 - Jan. 6/11 - more snow. did a lap on Roberts - super sick! then a couple runs around granite before skiing the back of red home. didnt ski very well, legs behind the head.
44 - Jan. 7/11 - more wet snow. skied with academy. laps in cambodia and short squaw were killer/
45 - Jan. 8/11 - wind loading in weird places. coached academy on link's to train for comp.
46 - Jan. 9/11 - up robbie. skied DL's. weird semi breakable crust. got better farther down.
47 - Jan. 10/11 - sunny and cold. took some scenery photos in the morn. tagged along with mike and francois for some skiing photos in the afternoon.
48 - Jan. 11/11 - cold. skinned up grey, shredded down. great turns.
49 - Jan. 12/11 - POW! 20 someodd cennies of the lightest pow ever. wind transport made for some deepdeep skiing on northeast aspects.
50 - Jan. 13/11 - more POW! A bit more dense but still soooooooo much fuuun! shredded with toddy most of the day, slaying pow.
51 - Jan. 14/11 - rain. wet pow. good thing my skis are rockered!
52 - Jan. 15/11 - wet snow frozen! haaaaaaaaard as a witch's tit. link's line allllll day with the academy.
53 - Jan. 16/11 - rain. wet snow, terrible vis, not the best vibes. did some park laps after suffering through a morning on granite.
54 - Jan. 17/11 - slushy springlike conditions in the park with bennett. fun hotlaps, bunch of cork 3s on the hip.
55 - Jan. 18/11 - frozen. worst run of my life down short squaw. link's was ok, lapped a few times with eddie, dayna, and nathan.
56 - Jan. 19/11 - really frozen. skied link's all morning with ski acad.
57 - Jan. 20/11 - 15 or so cennies of powpow made everything soft but could still feel the crust underneath. fun shredding with skiacad in the am then with siggers, lilmack, pat in pm
58 - Jan. 21/11 - up the chair at 7 for freeski comp. coached kids then shredded some powwwwww. dumping hard all day.
59 - Jan. 22/11 - up chair at 7 - most beautiful sunrise. watched comp all day then skied pits with the boys. stomped 3 off decent cliff.
60 - Jan. 23/11 - super hungover. skied around with JZ.
61 - Jan. 24/11 - rippin skied out runs, poppin 3s everywhere. couple park laps then ski home on great snow.
62 - Jan. 25/11 - 12cms, sunny day. shredded first cooler, natty brown, did a bflip, some senders.
63 - Jan. 26/11 - shreddin around skied out snow with ski acad.
64 - Jan. 27/11 - park skiing with ski acad, then ski home.
65 - Jan. 28/11 - park skiing wiht acad. night sesh on downtown rails for the game. fun setup!
66 - Jan. 29/11 - the GAME. fun as day. just jammed the whole time with the bros.
67 - Jan. 30/11 - really hard snow. blown out middle buckle on boot. super cold. not that fun of day.
68 - Jan. 31/11 - hit airbag, did a couple backflips and rodeos. wack jump but fun.
69 - Feb. 1/11 - Airbag again, better jump. dub backies, misty 7s and cork 5s.
70 - Feb. 2/11 - hard, skied out. pits was ok. scoped some zones
71 - Feb. 3/11 - hard, skied out still. some new stuff set up in the park.
72 - Feb. 4/11 - some freshies soften errthing up. skied super cooler for the first time in a couple years.
73 - Feb. 5/11 - wind blown but cant find where it got blown to... kinda meh.
74 - Feb. 6/11 - little more snow. found where it got blown to. skied whitewolf, got a cool shot i think.
75 - Feb. 7/11 - another 10cms. fun morning till i 180ed out of natty brown and popped out the shoulder. then got kicked out of rafters.
76 - Feb. 8/11 - mellow, mellow day. did a few runs on sallys. keeping the shoulder safe. still hurts a lot.
77 - Feb. 9/11 - bunch of runs through the pits. good snow back there. shoulder still hurts bunch.
78 - Feb. 10/11 - shredded red. poppin' and butterin' errwhere. keeping shoulder safe.
79 - Feb. 11/11 - park all day. stayin safe, jumping a little.
80 - Feb. 12/11 - shredded around red then park in afternoon. shoulder feels a lot better. did some hand drags and stuff.
81 - Feb. 13/11 - skied hard up top. charging almost 100%.
82 - Feb. 14/11 - skied whitewolf, then around granite and red. dumpin snow.
83 - Feb. 15/11 - bit of POW. charged hard with todd. cut 1st and 2nd coolers, both slide far. dangerous. so much fun though.
84 - Feb. 16/11 - bit more snow. shredded with nate and hamish then mike and peacock. shredded around pface, cambodia, high spirits. sick bflipper in high spirits.
85 - Feb. 17/11 - fun shredding around the hill, couple bflips and a draggin cork 3 off a cliff.
86 - Feb. 18/11 - shot photos with chris oconnell and mousseau. hit icicle and stuff in pits and shoulder. super sore shins.. then went night skiing in salmo. so much fun!
87 - Feb. 19/11 - a few links laps and pface senders. snow pretty tracked out.
88 - Feb. 20/11 - chilled on whitewolf at jump spot. pretty hungover, watched kids huck meat.
89 - Feb. 21/11 - skied north side of grey with sparky and knobber. gnar stuff. lots of sluff and good snow.
90 - Feb. 22/11 - 10cms. still hard underneath. backflippys and fast rippin.
91 - Feb. 23/11 - another 10cms. more backflippys, bigger 3s and fast rippin.
92 - Feb. 24/11 - another 15 cms. yeeeeeeeeeehaw! cold smoke! hit icicle and some other stuff ive been waiting to hit.
93 - Feb. 25/11 - bit skied out, bunch backflips.
94 - Feb. 26/11 - paleface has some sick turns. watched some racing. super cold, had to warm up 5 times.
95 - Feb. 27/11 - paleface and coolers epic!! bottomless blower!
96 - Feb. 28/11 - more snow, bunch of windloading. cambodia, coolers, paleface very very sick until mother closed because of high winds.
97 - Mar. 1/11 - POW at WH2O. 50cms in 3 days there, super sick shredding with the racer hombres and coop and gram.
98 - Mar. 2/11 - POW at big Red Cats! mellow terrain and bad vis, but some fun pow!
99 - Mar. 3/11 - shitty bootpack up Roberts, forgot skins. DL's is awesome right now though.
100 - Mar. 4/11 - shreddin, backflips in high spirits and park. 1st facebomb of the year.
101 - Mar. 5/11 - tryin out some surface skis, pretty hungover. couple bflippers, shreddin pillows in poochies.
102 - Mar. 6/11 - coached, sick new backflipper in HS. did some handdrag 3s off different stuff.
103 - Mar. 7/11 - scoped windlip on whitewolf. perfect for weenie roast!
104 - Mar. 8/11 - couple high spirits laps - backflips, cork 3s and hand drag 3s. tweaked shoulder pretty hard and skied home.
105 - Mar. 9/11 - phsyco cooler, 3rd cooler and other laps then skied home.
106 - Mar. 10/11 - masquerader, 3rd cooler, cambodia pillow lines - heavy pow.
107 - Mar. 11/11 - late start. couple dougs laps. shoulder really really sore for no apparent reason.
108 - Mar. 12/11 - filming on roberts with mike and vance. skied some fun stuff. shoulder killllllling.
109 - Mar. 13/11 - coaching academy. poppin around granite, skiing soft stuff.
110 - Mar. 14/11 - little bit of filming in DL's with vinz and pat. destroyed some idiot stopped after a roller on longsquaw. hurt left leg
111 - Mar. 15/11 - pow time! sore leg shreddin.
112 - Mar. 16/11 - more pow, leg really sore. lots of truck drivers.
113 - Mar. 17/11 - soft snow still. cork 5 on wind lip. leg pretty sore still.
114 - Mar. 18/11 - soft snow. underflip/cork 5s all day. leg feeling a bit better.
115 - Mar. 19/11 - some pow. got gnarly with brodie and cole. straightlined half of microwave, backflipped bowljump, natty brown dub drop.
116 - Mar. 20/11 - bunch of backflips in the park.
117 - Mar. 21/11 - afternoon shredding with bro and max.
118 - mar. 22/11 - wet mellow laps. snow kinda sucks.
119 - Mar. 23/11 - weenie roast at grey skin up. backflipped mini bowls jump.
120 - Mar. 24/11 - rippin around all morning. snow kinda meh.
121 - Mar. 25/11 - shredding hard. lots of links laps, lots of backflips. skied microwave from natty brown.
122 - Mar. 26/11 - super fast links laps. backflips, cliff out of stupid chute, microwave from natty brown, straightline out of dogsleg, facebomber.
123 - Mar. 27/11 - dumping pow all day - links, backflips, 1st cooler, 3rd cooler, poppers.
124 - Mar. 28/11 - microwave, super cooler, 1st cooler, natty brown, and short squaw laps.
125 - Mar. 29/11 - natty brown, coolers, paleface, park shred after mother closed. ate shit trying to carve out some cork 3s. did bunch of cork 5s and some bflips.
126 - Mar. 30/11 - heavy heavy snow. fun paleface laps with dane. blew my knee though. season is over.

This season I also started to count every backflip I landed. A couple of buddies and I were going to see who could get the most throughout the year but I was the only one who went through with counting them through the whole season.
My grand total of backflips was 113 (stomped).

aaand why not post my season edit here again too.


On Top of the HOOD

Nimbus has done it once again! Check out this short flick from the Mt. Hood BC this summer spearheaded by Sammy Carlson and put together by Nimbus. It's super fun and has some wild features. Sammy pretty much dominates the movie with some notable cameos by my bro Dane, John Spriggs, Andy Mahre, Tommy Ellingson, Ben Moxham, Nate Wood, Willie Borm, and Brandon Kelly.


Vinzenz Keller's Season Edit

Check out my boy Vinz's edit from the 10/11 ski season.  I had the pleasure of coaching this ginger this past season and it was crazy to see how fast he improved at shredding all over the mountain.


PYP - Amateur Hour. Full Movie!

Take a gander at PYP's free movie from the 2010/2011 ski season!  The level of production is super high for an amateur movie that was released for free and the skiing in this rig is pretty epic.  My favourite parts are Rob's and Nick Mcnutt / Eliel Hindert's seggy.  pop 'er on full screen HD and enjoy!


Jake Blauvelt's "Naturally" Full Segment

This seggy from last winter is unreal!  Jake's snowboarding is exactly the type of skier would love to be and will be.   Unfortunately, I can't embed the video here so click this link to watch -

You won't be disapointed!


Granite Expedition

Went for a cahj walk up Granite Mountain with JZ, Marsh, Raine, Cook, Dayna, and Chris the other day.  We commenced our trek up pretty late - around 5 for various reasons but that made for an unreal sunset to welcome us at the top of the mountain.  Since my leg is still pretty weak and I knew that I wouldn't be able to walk down in the morning, I dragged my mountain bike alll the way up to make the descent much easier on the knee.

Crazy to think I was skiing down this 5 months ago.

Pretty cahj
This year we were fortunate enough to have a supply truck (Buck, Tuna, Dom, Sarah) drive us some supplies up so we didn't have to carry in a ridiculous amount of water (there aren't any creeks or bodies of water at the top of mountains).  Since they could bring us this water and denser supplies, we were able to cook real food on our stoves instead of living off of hotdogs and trail mix like usual.

Rookie primer.

Sidekick soup?

 Perfect wiener - burnt on the outside, raw on the inside.

Sidekick party.

Raine left his mark on the helipad.

Dayna cookin some pancakes.

I'd say this is one of the better places I've eaten pancakes.

JZ didn't have the best sleep on the helipad because he tied a rope around his waist to ensure he would roll/sleepwalk off the side of the mountain.

See ya when the snow flies granite!

Arrow with the boys

 Went out to Arrow lake the other week with Neil, Buck, JO, and Momo to jump off some rocks and ride the water slide.  Luckily, we had a CD of bangin Grammy Nominations from 2000 to entertain us!  It even inspired a decades themed party the next week.

Buck peeing out the bottom of his shorts...

An O'hara sighting.

Melon Keller jumping

JO landing on Buck.

Momo and Neil just being cahj after jumping.

cahj wildlife.


pretty scary for momo

not cold for JO.

Neil catchin some air.
I even rode this rig too, pretty much the first fun thing I've done since knee surgery.  stoked.


Floating the Slocan

There are lots of things you just have to do if you're in the west Kootenays in the summer.  Floating the Slocan River is one of them.  I've been fortunate enough to take part in a bunch of these floats with a whole spectrum of different people in the past couple of weeks and they're always a blast.

The Zah, Hoods, JZ, and Moosh.  Cahj crew.

Neil just broin' out.
Party island hit the Slocan in full force.

As did all these cahj floaters.

Buck powering party island.  (believe it or not there were actually girls on it)
Buck's always down to work hard to catch up to the cooler.

Complete gong show.

Tuna just loving it.


Karmaloop Rep

Nathan Rose here. I don't usually contribute to this blog, but when I do I deliver the goods. I have recently become a Rep for, with this title I have a Rep Code that lets you save 20% off all purchases when you type in: FSHB4FNC at checkout. Go out and by some new rags!

- Nate



Check em out.  If you like listening to music in bed or just casually lying somewhere, these seem like they would be the ticket to a comfortable time.


Montage UnReleased

This is a ridiculously sick edit from the montage crew down in Mammoth.  Normally I could care less about watching people ski park but this is just off the chain.  Immaculate styles and flow coming from Cali, makes me want to shred park more often.

Montage is one of best things going on in park skiing right now, enjoy!


Nakusp Music Fest

 On Friday I headed up to Nakusp for their annual music festival with no plans and nowhere to stay, but my hammock and a bunch of bros.  Our convoy rolled into Nakusp and headed straight to Hookarm's house where a bunch of the boys camped last year.  Upon our arrival, we quickly realized that Hookarm doesn't live in his house any more... 

Hookarm's house.

Sure enough, within 15 minutes of being in Nakusp, the cops were onto us.  Apparently you're not allowed to camp on the side of the road at Hookarm's house and you aren't allowed to drink beer in public in Nakusp.          

we saw these cops a lot.

Since the cops weren't too keen on us setting up camp at Hookarm's house, we moved home base all the way across the road to tent city where we had to pay $90 for 3 nights per campsite.

Tent City.


 Tuna dumped relish and mustard all over his Pachos with the extra special sauce.

Then he licked it off..

My sleeping set up for night 1.

Deaner and Buck laced into the fireball at around 8am on Saturday.

and here's Dean FUBARed a few hours later.  (party island in the background may have contributed)


Tuna hitting up the pulled pork this time.  Nakusp music fest has the best food.

Kevin Costner sucks.

View of our party people from my hammock at about 7am, right before I fell asleep on night 2 (actually day 3).  

Hammock had to be on the outside of the fence for night 2 because our whole Kootenay crew got evicted with no refund from tent city for various reasons.  They didn't want to let the kids play, so we played even harder on the side of the road beside tent city.

Don't tempt Buck with a good time.

just a Tuna.
yeah, that's poo smeared on Buck's windshield...

He got it off with paper towel though.

And burned it, it's chill.

Deaner and Buck passed out again, yeeeehaw!

KBS mobile was with us in full force.  Tuna and the Chief win everything from them.

Tuna, just workin the grill in the rain.

I came back to tent city at about 3am on Monday morning to find Buck passed out in his truck with it idling, the music bumping, and the heat on full blast.

Other notable events include 
- driving a random Nakusp native's car all over Nakusp to pick up a homemade wooden speaker, powered by two car batteries.
- killing it on Buck's party island (a big floating rig with waterproof speakers and a little electric motor and obviously rigged with a floating cooler)
- skinny dipping.
- being the designated driver all weekend and the drive home.
- roaming band.
- Doobie Brothers
- The Hut
- Honeymoon Suite
- Reggae guy
- Momo peeing on all fours.
- Momo peeing his pants.
- scrogs
- Bubba's scrog and the Doz.
- Dean and Buck dipping into some midday SoCo.
- Casual Sunday.
- "I punched myself in the face tying a knot." - Buck
- "You kids want some coke?  I have about 3 grams here I don't want." - Deaner's random buddy
- Chiefs plate.

See ya next year Nakusp!