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Get the speed bumps off Thompson Avenue!

This is a callout to the Thompson Ave. resident who felt the need to complain to the city in order to get speed bumps built in two spots on Thompson Ave. I don't like you. Your speed bumps now make it impossible to ride a skateboard or longboard safely down the hill section of Thompson Ave and will just have to be taken out again once winter come. Not to mention the fact that cars now have to slow down 30km/h BELOW the speed limit of 40km/h!  Don't get me wrong, it's too bad that people speed through here, but I've lived on this street my whole life and have never had a problem with it, move somewhere else if this gets your panties in such a knot!  I don't want people like you ruining this town anyways.  I'd also like to call such resident out on constructing their own speed bump out of rocks on the road last summer. Do you realize how this could potentially be a very dangerous situation? Bikers, skateboarders, cars with low clearance, and braaaappers had no idea about your stupid speed bump. I'm all about danger myself, but that was just straight irresponsible, selfish, and ignorant.

I'd like to encourage everyone who drives on Thompson Ave. to lay down on the horn every time they have to slow down for this speed bump.  I have been and will continue to do so.


Nancy Greene outing.

 It's hard to take a shot like this when there are people lighting fireworks and potato guns into the lake.

A rather large group of us hit up Nancy Greene lake (sheep lake) pretty hard on Saturday night for Kieran's birthday.  Since I'm not drinking for a while to ensure my knee recovers as fast as possible, I brought my camera out to get a shot or two...

 Cahj rainbow.

Curt McGurt

Momo's preparation for his 3AM swim.

shit happens when you party naked.

Everclear hit this Buck pretty hard.

Set off some fireworks.

Awesome place to wake up, even if only 2 hours of sleep were had.

Nancy Greene is misty in the morning.



Potato Gun

 Marshall and Stewie built a potato gun last year so, with the help of a bunch of hairspray, we had some fun with it last week out on the Cascade highway.

Packing the rig.


Money shot off lover's.

Stew is a lanky engineering student.

Lighting off the residual hairspray.  aka whadumphing.


Midnight Shinny

Over the past year or so a bunch of us Rosslanders, being the Canadians we are, have spontaneously began playing casual games of shinny (road hockey for you yanks) on mainstreet of  Rossland around midnight (they can actually happen at any time, but if it's dark out midnight shinny sounds way cooler than "11 o'clock shinny", or "2:45 shinny").  These games usually start off fairly small and tend to grow exponentially as friends are called and passersby grab a stick to join in for a bit.  With the help of social media (facebook), the most recent game of "midnight" shinny was attended by upwards of 70 people (complete guess) and was shut down by the lovely RCMP by 11:30 wheeew.  Breathalizers were blown, tickets were written, and money is now owed but luckily we found an alternate place (a lit tunnel) to continue the game.  I snapped a couple pictures, nothing special but here are a few of 'em.

Marsh loves hanging out.

Casual crew.

Marsh and his new BFF, The Zah!

Zahh loves my moustache.

Serious fans.

Pretty big game goin down.

I guess the game didn't last too long...

Yeah, that's a fish.

Game picked up around 2.

Casual arm wrestles on the tunnel are mandatory.


Got some staples out.

I finally got to look at my knee for the first time in 12 days...

The surgeon said it's looking really good and my range of motion is coming along really well, so I'm stoked!  I have my second physio session tomorrow and can't wait to start building back the muscle I've lost.


Lhotse Ski Expedition Dispatch 5

Here's the final webisode from the expedition to ski the Lhotse couloir!

It's too bad they didn't make it, but I'm glad they showed how it's much more important to make it back down than it is to make it to the summit. That can be a hard decision when you're so close to the goal that you've put so much time and effort into. Good for Jamie and Kris in making the right choice and making it down safely.


Space shuttle Endeavour final launch POV

Very cool video of the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour from the four cameras mounted on the two solid rocket boosters. It's kind of sad that the space shuttle program is over, but now NASA will have a lot more money to develop new technology to help get humans deeper into space (Mars) and go back to the moon!

do yourself a favour and watch it BIG.


Knee surg + grad.

I've had a busy past couple days.  kicked off Friday with a casual trip down to the Trail Hospital at 6am for an ACL reconstruction in my left knee.  Basically they took a few strands from my hamstring, braided them together into one new ligament and screwed it into my knee through holes drilled through my femur and tibia to make a brand new anterior cruciate ligament!  The surgery took about two - three hoursish (I think) and I woke up around 11 to take this picture...
Yeah, I was feeling pretty rough, more from the anesthetic and pain killers than actual pain.  I saw the surgeon briefly post-op and he informed me that the surgery went really well and there was no damage to my meniscus so I can weight bare as much as the pain will let me.  I stayed in the hospital for another three and a half hours recovering (facebooking) before I was allowed to leave.  From the hospital, I headed straight to RSS to see all my graduating friends look dapper in their outfits on the big day.  That was definitely the highlight of my day
Just a casual crew of knee injuries.    

The Boys

A picture of people taking pictures of people.


Dev and Elly, looking goood.

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling up to the Grad related activities that ensued that evening but I did manage to make it to many of the Grad parties I had hoped to attend with the help of my dearest mother (chauffeur).

Tuna, just lacing into some breakfast sausage.

Socks, sandals, and pyjama pants?  Buck is a really classy guy.  

oh hey.

Ben is just a casual morning drinker.

Buck, eating 62 meatballs.

Arch and Sim1

What would grad be without beer pong?

breakin chairs.

Backstreet's back.

One of the most homosexual things I've seen lately.