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Get the speed bumps off Thompson Avenue!

This is a callout to the Thompson Ave. resident who felt the need to complain to the city in order to get speed bumps built in two spots on Thompson Ave. I don't like you. Your speed bumps now make it impossible to ride a skateboard or longboard safely down the hill section of Thompson Ave and will just have to be taken out again once winter come. Not to mention the fact that cars now have to slow down 30km/h BELOW the speed limit of 40km/h!  Don't get me wrong, it's too bad that people speed through here, but I've lived on this street my whole life and have never had a problem with it, move somewhere else if this gets your panties in such a knot!  I don't want people like you ruining this town anyways.  I'd also like to call such resident out on constructing their own speed bump out of rocks on the road last summer. Do you realize how this could potentially be a very dangerous situation? Bikers, skateboarders, cars with low clearance, and braaaappers had no idea about your stupid speed bump. I'm all about danger myself, but that was just straight irresponsible, selfish, and ignorant.

I'd like to encourage everyone who drives on Thompson Ave. to lay down on the horn every time they have to slow down for this speed bump.  I have been and will continue to do so.

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