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On Top of the HOOD

Nimbus has done it once again! Check out this short flick from the Mt. Hood BC this summer spearheaded by Sammy Carlson and put together by Nimbus. It's super fun and has some wild features. Sammy pretty much dominates the movie with some notable cameos by my bro Dane, John Spriggs, Andy Mahre, Tommy Ellingson, Ben Moxham, Nate Wood, Willie Borm, and Brandon Kelly.


Vinzenz Keller's Season Edit

Check out my boy Vinz's edit from the 10/11 ski season.  I had the pleasure of coaching this ginger this past season and it was crazy to see how fast he improved at shredding all over the mountain.


PYP - Amateur Hour. Full Movie!

Take a gander at PYP's free movie from the 2010/2011 ski season!  The level of production is super high for an amateur movie that was released for free and the skiing in this rig is pretty epic.  My favourite parts are Rob's and Nick Mcnutt / Eliel Hindert's seggy.  pop 'er on full screen HD and enjoy!


Jake Blauvelt's "Naturally" Full Segment

This seggy from last winter is unreal!  Jake's snowboarding is exactly the type of skier would love to be and will be.   Unfortunately, I can't embed the video here so click this link to watch -

You won't be disapointed!