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Central America photo dump

As promised, here are a bunch of photos from my real camera, enjoy!

Evan and our pet dog walking down the Montezuma´s main drag.

Juan, the chocolate lab.

Saw a lot of this in Montezuma

Hey Evan

There was a bit of a flash flood in Montezuma which turned the ocean into chocolate milk.

Fresh banana at Mal Pais surf camp.

This guy´s a pool shark.

Old stuff and things.


Poolside Evan

Cahj owl at the Jaguar Rescue Center

Huge constrictor

Green tree frog.

I dunno what this is but it might be the cutest animal I´ve ever seen.

These sloths are close contenders though.

Hey slothy



A spider monkey and a howler monkey just cuddling

Howler trying to jump on people.

Bocas Del Toro sunset.

Aqua Lounge swingset at sunset.

Me, mid dub.

 Evan backie.

Your´s truely, just havin a time.

Aussie Jim in his speedo.

Bocas Del Toro at night

and again..

Aqua Lounge on a mellow Monday.

The Aussie´s, Evan, and I celebrating a Commonwealth beerpong victory.

Jacó sunset.

That´s all for now, dealing with a funky sd card in my gopro so it might take a while (till im home) to get those photos on patrol.