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Butthole Lives!

Nathan and I just made some repairs to our beautiful car (which was apparently attacked by a bear...) and it now holds oil, and runs!



So, our butthole is currently parked on the side of the road out a couple km on the gas line.  While rallying it to Brodie and Morgans grad party we hit put a cute little hole in our oil pan and now it doesn't hold oil for very long so we decided to not drive it.  Anyways... here's a vid of some parking lot fun at the ski hill.  As you can see, butthole, as a front-wheel drive car really excels at reverse doughnuts.

Where's Waldo?

Spot the raccoon!



So, last Friday I said that I had big news coming soon... sooooooooo here it is!
Raine, Nathan, and I have purchased a car!  It's a '93 Dodge Spirit.  It's name is Butthole.  It cost us $500, pretty good deal if you ask me.


4 Cylinders whatever...

I Love Sprintcams!

1000 frames per second...

Slow motion soda explosion from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

Also, Justin captured this mouse last weekend and named it Springer.

My dad found it dead outside my house, just 2 days after being released into the wild. :(


Silverwood Edit

Here's the edit from Silverwood. My computer sucks at the moment so Nathan edited it. Check out my voice on PANIC PLUNGE, all the air gets sucked out of your lungs so you can't scream, it's awesome.

SilverWOOD! from Nathan Rose on Vimeo.

I may or may not post some full videos from the rides later.


Backflip of the Week

Richy and I went up to Nancy Greene last Sunday between grad parties for a quick little ropeswing sesh. I kind of taught Dirty Rich how to do backflips off it until he "broke" his male reproductive organs, ask him about it... Here is a video of me doing a backflip to accidental late 180.

backflip of the week from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.



Yesterday, our Grad class went to Silverwood. Although it was pissing rain and quite cold, we had so much fun! Here are some photos and a video will follow shortly, I took my GoPro on every ride and waterslide with the exception of Aftershock where the ride attendant took it away from me. Also, I have some big news coming later today! so excited!


Colin's Puke

Bumper Boats!

We got kinda wet.

Then went to the waterpark.

Wave pool.

It was really cold out and pouring rain, but we aint scurred.

Dodging water laserssssss.

Serious Marsh on Tremors.


GOING NUTS! for Dirty Rich.


DROPZONE aka Panic Plunge.

Pretty high up.  On this ride, you try to scream but about halfway down you're moving so fast the air gets sucked out of your lungs.  I filmed myself and it's pretty funny. 



Grad Weekend.

Wild times.  I can't remember everything so I'll just list some notable moments.  skinny dipping at Nancy Greene, Cassidy's mom, champagne in the beer bong and the beer stick, sun rise on top of the drug store, munnler, BVG swimming in the creek, casual sunday, fireworks sunday, rowdy sunday, ropeswing, getting naked multiple times, cake fight, the binders!, cops, rigs.  Claire and Ryan got me an amazing lava lamp, I'm stoked!

here's some pictures and video captured by my gopro on grad friday!

*video contains some mild nudity*

skinny dipping. from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

Grad Porno.

Shortly before getting kicked out of school for not wearing enough clothes.


hello Colin and Ty

Grad Urinating.


Binder, Josh, Chief, and Scotty

Grad Crying with Dani

Grad Crying with Marsh

Grad Cheetahskin Bra

Grand March.



Wing Night

I love wing night! Every Thursday, the Rock Cut Pub up by the ski hill has a sweet deal where if you buy a drink, you get 20 wings for $10.50. I end up going every once in a while and it's always a good time. Yesterday a road the whip out there to spent wing night with Marshall's family, Richard + Lisa, Raine, Chris, Justin, and Evan.

Dirty Rich

So Many Wings

Today I'm going to hang out at Nancy Greene Lake with some hombres then I graduate this afternoon.  fun!
I'm going to try to sneak the gopro into the ceremonies to shoot some pics and vid from a graduate's prespective.  Since this is my last blog post before graduating... I'd like to say thankyou to every friend, enemy, peer, teacher, and any person I've come in contact with for making me the person I am today. 
Goodbye marshmallow world!


The Most Awesome Sunset...

I swear it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.  Sepia fading to pinks, purples, and dark blues with a rainbow thrown in there.  Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful.  Too bad both batteries for my camera were dead...   I love the kootenays!



Yesterday, I went for a ride with Binder and Scotty.

They love to sing.

binder and scotty. from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

I took them to faceinarock.

They were stoked.

We got back to school and saw that: George had turned into a cat.

Justin busted the ceiling.

and Jordan found the stash of sticky hands.

I then went to Mcdonalds, and got to wear Rebecca's costume!


Can You Drink 4 Litres of Milk in an Hour?

Tessa can't.

Puke in da nose.

I'm not sure what it is about puking, but I sure enjoy seeing people puke for some reason.

Tessy with her puke.


Grad Decorating Again

We had fun. Here are bunch gopro photos.

Fiber Optics!

My father's eye.



One of the 6? slot machines.  Marshall got straight 7s.

Table ornaments.

Scalps do this with enough force.

Such an emo.

Spinny wheel with all of our pictures on it.