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My comrades Dylan, Will, and the Stefaroi sisters over in Fernie recently trundled this rock. I love trundling, it's definitely up there in my favourite activies.

Trundling from DylanSiggers on Vimeo.


lake time

Back out at the lake, keeping things casual.  Went for a long paddle out to some little cliffs to jump off of yesterday, then had to paddle back against a gnarly head wind (apparently 70km/h).  fun.

Sorry for the bad quality, Blogger video is terrible and I don't feel like uploading a bunch of short clips to Vimeo.


Nancy Greene Camp Excursion.

On Monday I went camping up at Nancy Greene Lake with Nathan, Marshall, Tegan, Stew, Dayna, Cassidy, Curtis, Ali, Erin, and Lily.  I only got about 4 hours of sleep before being woken up by a casual, professional nude photo shoot on the beach at sunrise.  But, it was bunch fun!

Dayna, staying artsy.
Guten Morgen!


My Boat Sank.

Casual mid-summer boat sinking...  We're pretty sure it's alright, just have to patch a little hole and let the motor dry out.


Flights = Booked!

Leave Kelowna at 8:40pm on September 24th and arrive in Denpasar, Bali on September 27th.  Booyah!


da lake

I'm at Kootenay Lake right now with Nathan and Pat.  Josh and Archie slept here last night.  It was tons of fun stealing Josh's England pillow case that he can't sleep without.

Swimming and jumping off things at one of my favourite places in the world!

Tomorrow I get the sutures out of my mouth which I'm really looking forward to!



Raine and Nathan getting worked while learning dub backs on the Nancy Greene ropeswing.

I'm living vicariously through them for this week since my face hurts a lot.


Perseid Meteor Shower

Nathan and I stayed up pretty late on August 12th to try to photograph some meteors. We got kinda distracted by sprinklers so these are all the photos I got.

Click photos to see em large!


Life Cycles Industry Release Impressions.

I know a few of the guys working on this and have heard all about it while it was being filmed so it's pretty cool to hear what other people have to say about this project.



Well, that was fun. Having large teeth broken and then pulled out of your jaw and cheek bones feels really interesting. It hurts quite a bit now, though not as much as shoulder surgery.


Getting all 4 of my wizzies out in 2 hours!
yeeehaw, should be fun!

August 11th

Raine, Nathan, and I went to Nancy Greene Lake and then to Gyro today for some sun-filled fun!  Here is a short, hack job edited, really low quality, completely binder video from today.

August 11th from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.


Cape Breton Island

Back from an excursion on Cape Breton Island.  It was pretty fun.  We journeyed through some really cool places and some really interestingly small and creepy places.  Photos, jea.