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last night I slept in my hammock beside a creek.  It was geil.  I'm now blogging from a tourist place in Baddeck (where the telephone was invented).



Blogging from the Glenora distillery! illegal drinking!

Cape Breton Island

We're on Cape breton at the moment.  I'm blogging from an information tourist place. JEEEEEEEEEEEAaaaaaaaa.



Yesterday, I left my family in Europe and flew from Frankfurt to Montreal to Halifax, to have some fun with Nathan and Marshall for two weeks.  Some unmentioned people seemed to have some doubts in my abilities to navigate airports after my previous attempt to fly from Vancouver to Castlegar a few years ago that ended up in me being stranded at a Greyhound station in Merritt at 11PM.  But I made it here just fine!


Salvador Dali Exhibition

So dope!  I love Salvador Dali's stuff and it was really cool to see it with my eyeballs.  You aren't allowed to take flash photos inside and the light it pretty weird, but I managed to get some alright looking photos.

View from our hotel, 6 stories up in Paris

One of my favourites.


Louvre Apple store!

I'm blogging from an iPad at thé Apple store at thé l ouvre!

Pretty alright!


Munich to Paris

We had a couple hour stop in Munich yesterday, sooo we went to BMW world, which was pretty cool.

hahahaha, of course...

Then we rode the sleeper train from Munich to Paris.  The sleeper rooms are tiny! But they are actually pretty interesting.

Triple bunksssss.

Good morning France!

Today, we went to the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.  They're HUGE!  Much respect for the work that went into building those beasts.

There are gypsies like this one everywhere trying to take your Euros.

Cliche Eiffel Tower shot.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe


Maybe going to the Salvador Dali exhibition tomorrow.  I will be pretty stoked if that happens!



Went to Eisriesenwelt today.  It is the largest ice cave in the world!  It was really cool (ha, punny!) but you aren't allowed to take pictures or video inside which was a bummer, it was too dark to take any quick pictures anyways.  I have these pictures though!

Mountain air feels nice.

Here's a stock photo of part of the ice cave. 

Going to Paris tomorrow, should be fun!


Cannabis Iced Tea!

Bought this in a train station in Interlaken.  So stoked when I saw it!  It's iced tea with "cannabis flavour".  Kinda weird.



Hopped on a train to Lucerne today.  Lake Lucerne is a pretty place.

Lake Lucerne

Fountain outside of an awesome restaurant in Lucerne



Canada to Italy to Austria to Switzerland

Finally got some free internet here in Switzerland so here are some photos!

Sunset over the Onterrible.

...Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.

A little town called Amantea in Italy

Amantea is a pretty awesome place.

We stayed there for a couple days.

Visted relatives in Grimaldi, Italy.  Such a cool town, it's over 1000 years old.

It has a bunch of wild cats.

Went to Venice for a couple hours.

It's really cool, I want to go back and explore.

We arrived in Salzburg at 430 AM with nowhere to stay... atleast the sunrise was pretty.

Fuschl - home of Austria's Rebull headquarters.

Schloss Hellbrun - gardens and gazebo in The Sound of Music are at this place.

St. Anton!  Tanner Hall - Teddybear Crisis. that is all.

Paraglider in Interlaken, Switzerland

Little mountain town of Grindelwald, Switzerland

A nice overexpossed picture of Eiger!

Took a train that tunnels through the inside of Eiger on the way to Jungfraujoch.  There are stops along the way like this one where you can look out of Eiger.

And this one that looks out onto the glacier.

Beautiful view from 11,333 ft at Jungfraujoch.

Mario in the fog on some snow.

Mario in an ice tunnel.

Ice scupltures.

Bunch fun.