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Central America photo dump

As promised, here are a bunch of photos from my real camera, enjoy!

Evan and our pet dog walking down the Montezuma´s main drag.

Juan, the chocolate lab.

Saw a lot of this in Montezuma

Hey Evan

There was a bit of a flash flood in Montezuma which turned the ocean into chocolate milk.

Fresh banana at Mal Pais surf camp.

This guy´s a pool shark.

Old stuff and things.


Poolside Evan

Cahj owl at the Jaguar Rescue Center

Huge constrictor

Green tree frog.

I dunno what this is but it might be the cutest animal I´ve ever seen.

These sloths are close contenders though.

Hey slothy



A spider monkey and a howler monkey just cuddling

Howler trying to jump on people.

Bocas Del Toro sunset.

Aqua Lounge swingset at sunset.

Me, mid dub.

 Evan backie.

Your´s truely, just havin a time.

Aussie Jim in his speedo.

Bocas Del Toro at night

and again..

Aqua Lounge on a mellow Monday.

The Aussie´s, Evan, and I celebrating a Commonwealth beerpong victory.

Jacó sunset.

That´s all for now, dealing with a funky sd card in my gopro so it might take a while (till im home) to get those photos on patrol.


Puerto Viejo and Bocas Del Toro

There wasn't much going on in terms of weather or other people on the Pacific coast of Costa so anticipating a bit some sunshine and friends we decided to make the move over to the Caribbean coast, to Puerto Viejo in particular. We rolled into Rocking J's, the wild hostel we'd been hearing about everywhere . This place is insane, basically like a compound of tents, hammocks, some dorms and private room, a bar, restaurant, 2012 bunker, all of it covered in bright tile mosaics and painting done by the crowd this place attracts. It was actually kind of off putting at first because the whole hippy thing was just so in your face and not exactly what we were expecting. Fortunately though, that evening a few like minded travelers grouped together and we fired up a game beer pong which turned into Canada vs the World flipcup, which turned into $1 shots of the local hard alcohol (disgusting), which turned into a dance party at a nearby bar called Tasty Waves.
Had a pretty fun night and met a bunch of people from all over the world like Australia, Murica, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and who knows elsewhere. This was pretty awesome because we hadn't really met any other travelers yet and that always makes things more fun. When we showed up we were told about people being held up and robbed by guys with machetes in the forest, one guy was even cut when he tried to chase the bandit down. Still, we braved the wild road (not actually wild at all) and road some bikes to the Jaguar Animal Rescue Centre. I'm going to have to do a separate post for that since I took a bunch of great photos on my real camera and cant really find anywhere that has a computer with a working usb port and fast enough internet to handle large photos. Still, it was cool as hell. We got to see some spiders, snakes like boa constrictors and vipers, got to play with howler monkeys and spider monkeys, saw sloths, green tree frogs, falcons (saw one get fed a live mouse), an owl, two ocelots, and all sorts of other cool animals I've never seen before. I totally recommend seeing this place to everyone who travels through Puerto Viejo as it was definitely one of the highlights for me so far.
We rented surf boards one day an attempted to surf some small Caribbean waves with little success. I did manage to stand up a couple times though so it was worth it, don't expect a surf career from this guy anytime soon though.

From Puerto Viejo we headed down to Panama to check out the islands of Bocas Del Toro. After a long wait in line at the border, we were sitting in a shuttle bus waiting to get going when our two Aussie mates J-Rod and Jim randomly rolled up. We teamed up with them and ended up staying at the same place in Bocas called Aqua Lounge. Aqua is by far the coolest place I've ever stayed at . Basically it's a hostel/bar that's built on the turquoise water... There's a set of swings and a trampoline set up right beside the water, dedicated beer pong tables, free pancakes every morning, and some of the biggest parties in Bocas. Soo basically heaven for me. One day we went on what was supposed to be a snorkel trip to 5 different islands but turned out to be more of a boat tour and one hour of snorkeling.. We still saw some cool fishies and coral as well as the most beautiful beach I've ever seen.  Once again I'm sorry to say that I'll have to do a separate post for the snorkel tour because all the photos are on my Gopro...  Other than that we spent our days at Aqua Lounge jumping off stuff into water all day and all night, playing beer pong and flip cup, and taking advantage of $0.50 happy hours with our Aussie mates and other pals from around the world.

I have a lot more photos to add that actually have some thought behind them soooo stay tuned for when I find a better computer!

Hammock City at Rocking J's

 A cute baby mammal of some sort with a long tongue.

Green tree frog

Cahj bikes.

Puerto Viejo

A very small example of Rocking J's

Not uncommon at Rocking J's

Evan walking across no man's land into Panama

Daily pancakes at Aqua Lounge

Aqua Lounge

 Typical Aqua Lounge activities with Jeff

 Sunset from Aqua Lounge overlooking Bocas town.

Panama has some weird money called Balboa's which look like toonies but are only worth $1.  They use American currency for everything else.

I can't get enough of Aqua Lounge

Another reason I love Aqua Lounge.

Panorama of a sunset from Aqua Lounge.


Montezuma to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa

We're been on the Nicoya Peninsula for a couple of days now, started off with a casual bus ride from San Jose and across a ferry to a little ocean town called Montezuma. Montezuma is tiny! It only has two paved roads and you have to take an ATV or 4 wheel drive vehicle to travel any of the other roads outta there. We showed up, found a nice lil place to stay on the beach, then hopped in the ocean, did cahj things and then that night while we were sleeping the craziest rain storm I've ever seen kicked up and lasted all night, and the next night (wasn't too quiet on the tin roof). We originally went there with the goal of hiking up to a couple of waterfalls where you can apparently jump off one and ropeswing into the other but this rain storm caused a bit of a flash flood soo we couldn't walk up the river too far, still tried though..

We kinda ran out of things to do there so we hopped on another bus to Santa Teresa. Showed up in another tiny little dirt road town, not exactly sure whether we're staying in Santa Teresa or Mal Pais but it's still sick regardless. We're staying at a pretty nice place called Mal Pais surf camp, it has a pool, open air bar with pool and ping pong, howler monkeys running around, and most importantly, it only costs $10 a night! We've just been spending the days getting worked by waves in the ocean and staying super casual like usual.

I know the formatting of this post is all weird but ill fix it once im on a normal computer, not my ipod. Also hopefully I´ll be able to upload photos from my real camera and gopro once I find a computer with a usb port.


The main road into Montezuma

Cute lil cafe in forest.

The flooded river brought a bunch of dirty silt down with it into the ocean.

Evan, just waiting for his not so traditional French Toast (a few extremely small pieces of plain toast and butter)

One of our pet dogs.

One of our pet cats.

Mal Pais surf camp pool.