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Montezuma to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa

We're been on the Nicoya Peninsula for a couple of days now, started off with a casual bus ride from San Jose and across a ferry to a little ocean town called Montezuma. Montezuma is tiny! It only has two paved roads and you have to take an ATV or 4 wheel drive vehicle to travel any of the other roads outta there. We showed up, found a nice lil place to stay on the beach, then hopped in the ocean, did cahj things and then that night while we were sleeping the craziest rain storm I've ever seen kicked up and lasted all night, and the next night (wasn't too quiet on the tin roof). We originally went there with the goal of hiking up to a couple of waterfalls where you can apparently jump off one and ropeswing into the other but this rain storm caused a bit of a flash flood soo we couldn't walk up the river too far, still tried though..

We kinda ran out of things to do there so we hopped on another bus to Santa Teresa. Showed up in another tiny little dirt road town, not exactly sure whether we're staying in Santa Teresa or Mal Pais but it's still sick regardless. We're staying at a pretty nice place called Mal Pais surf camp, it has a pool, open air bar with pool and ping pong, howler monkeys running around, and most importantly, it only costs $10 a night! We've just been spending the days getting worked by waves in the ocean and staying super casual like usual.

I know the formatting of this post is all weird but ill fix it once im on a normal computer, not my ipod. Also hopefully I´ll be able to upload photos from my real camera and gopro once I find a computer with a usb port.


The main road into Montezuma

Cute lil cafe in forest.

The flooded river brought a bunch of dirty silt down with it into the ocean.

Evan, just waiting for his not so traditional French Toast (a few extremely small pieces of plain toast and butter)

One of our pet dogs.

One of our pet cats.

Mal Pais surf camp pool.

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