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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had fun!  Here is a fun Christmas Day edit from Fernie-shredding Dylan Siggers and one I put together last Christmas.

And here are some gopro photos from the past little while.


Opening Weekend Edit From David Peacock

Last week when the hill opened, I skied an afternoon with friends David Peacock and Mike Hopkins. We slashed some pillows, bonked some trees and David put together this tight edit of Mike filmed over the first few days. I have a little cameo too. Check it!


Opening Days at Red

December 13th and 14th Pow at Red Mountain from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

So, Red (Mountain) Resort finally opened this past weekend starting with just the Silverlode on Saturday, the Red Chair on Sunday, then the whole mountain on Monday after a solid dump of great base making snow.  I've been shredding hard everyday with all the homies trying to get my legs back to where they should be.  Check out the edit I threw together from predominantly today, and a little yesterday!


Sunset Skiing on Granite.

Yesterday, local PRO SKIER/BIKER Mike Hopkins and I went for a late afternoon skin up Granite with Mike's aunt's new dog who's name is either Arrow, John, Paul, Ringo, George, or 2PAC.


Mopkins, gamefaced.

After a fun skin up, periodically interupted by trekker related troubles, we arrived at the top of Main Run.  Because of an inversion yesterday, Main Run, which we were planning on skiing had a delightful sun crust on it from about 1600m up so we looked on over the other side of Buffalo Ridge and decided to ski Short Squaw which was protected from the sun's harsh rays.  With the sun already below the mountains, I started down the first window ahead of Mike and waited below the main steep pitch at a safe spot in the trees...  Half an hour passed with no Mike, no 2PAC, and no sun.  I knew that it would take a bit longer for Mike to get 2PAC to come down but apparently 2PAC straight up refused to run down to Mike, coercing him to bootpack a couple hundred feet of chest deep snow back up to 2PAC.  Finally, Mike called down to me, telling me to keep on shredding and that he would take 2PAC down crusty, rocky Main Run.  I got to the bottom after a couple minutes of skiing blind, in the dark on track packed, death cookied, creek riddled Long Squaw.  45 minutes later when it was pitch black... headlamp laden Mike and 2PAC showed up.  Casual afternoon walk.


Dylan Siggers' Summer Demo Reel

My hombre over in Fernie shot this compilation over summer. He killed it on the filming/editing front and I will be posting more of his stuff on here as time progresses.
Check it out!

My Summer Demo Reel from Dylan Siggers on Vimeo.

49 Degrees North

Shreddin down in 'murica with the Red Freeski Academy. Snow is good and the sun is shining. Free wifi at the lodge - booyah!


Todd Loukras' 09/10 Promo

My buddy Todd's skiing.  Filmed by my buddies Andre and Dale.  Edited by my buddy Nathan.
Check it!

Todd LOUKRAS PROMO! from Nathan Rose on Vimeo.


November 30th

Yesterday I went for another walk up the mountain while it was puking snow.  15-20cm accumulated throughout the day on top of 10cm of previous pow.  I skied Southern Belle and it was sick!  So much fun, but a bit wind affected and as you can see in the video it was a bit grabby and unpredictable.  Really fun though, the mountain is starting to come alive!

November 30th on Southern Belle from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

Later that night I got a call from my buddy Evan to come hit a step up in the ski hill parking lot.  I rolled up to see a gnarly sled tow into a vert lip before a retaining wall - gnar.  It wasn't that big or scary to hit, but it was sure scary to watch other people hit it.

Buck has a large head.

BVG sending the wall on a GT


I Love Trekkers!

I went for a skin up Granite yesterday morning to try the snow on a different aspect. I was having a good ol' slog up, listening to the Rick Steves podcast in the sun when a screw on the pivoting part of my trekkers decided to fall off and bury itself somewhere on the skin track.  So, not really wanting to turn around on such a beautiful day, I busted out my trusty roll of duct tape and temporarily fixed the problem.  After skinning for two hours and re-duct taping 4 times, I made it to the top. 

New runs on Grey.

And because I'm an idiot, I forgot to turn my gopro on for my run down Southern Belle, which was actually really sick!  There was a very breakable rain crust covered in 5-10cms of pow and I didn't hit anything on the way down. 

I got to the bottom and saw some pals building a little kicker on Indian Flats so I stayed and seshed with them for a bit. 

Vinzenz was killing it.

Jay was killing it.

Deremie cut his ankle cast off they day before and was killing it. (i dont recommend this)

And I sent some backies.

Solid day in the mountains, and it feels great to get back in the air.

Thank you to Vinz and Pat for the jump photos.


I suck at this...

Blogging is difficult.  I apologize for not blogging for the past few weeks...  As you probably know, I'm back in frigid, snowy Rossland.  I've been skiing everyday at Jubilee, and this past Monday I went for a skin up Granite to see how the snow's building up.  I skied down Main run, and even it was pretty sketchy.  There just isn't a base so I was riding on rocks and bushes the whole way down.  Here's some footage I shot, I'm not too happy with it because I used the wrong setting on the gopro, I was skiing super cautiously, and it was pretty foggy but here it is anyways.

November 22nd on Main Run from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.


Casual Flooding in Sanur

Nathan and I have moved to Sanur (snore, sewer) on our way to Nusa Lembongan. Pretty much as soon as we arrived it started raining super hard and some low-lying street began to flood a little.


Uluwatu -> Munduk -> Lovina -> Ubud

It's been a while since the last blog post since I haven't been in range of wifi and I don't like to pay to use the internet.


From Uluwatu we got a ride alll the way up to Munduk, which is in the northern mountains.  It's very beautiful there and all the trees, mountains, friendly people and higher elevation make it feel a lot like Rossland.  On our second day there, we decided to go for short walk to check out a couple of waterfalls, this short walk quickly became a 25km trek which started off really hot and sunny, but then turned into a full of torrential downpour.

View from our deck in Munduk

There isn't much to do in Munduk other than hike and look at the abundant waterfalls so we only stayed for 2 nights before continuing north to Lovina.
View from our roof in Lovina.
 Lovina is spread out over 8km of ocean on the northern coast of Bali, and we took the opportunity to relax and spend a little money as possible for a few days.
We rented some motorwhips.
and went to a Buddhist monastery.

and some hotsprings.
and more waterfalls.
After a few days in Lovina we got a ride back down to Ubud to stay at Wahyu Bungalows for another week of bartering, adventuring, and seeing cool things.

Nasi Jenggo at Devilicious.
Mangosteen - soooo good.

We went to a cremation.

Ate a smoked duck.
and had lots of fun bartering and hanging out in the massive market every day.
After Ubud we headed down to Kuta for some ocean time before Raine and Marshall left.

JL Poppies II

That's all for now!


Craziest Thing I've Ever Seen

We just went to a cremation. It was a little bit different then a Canadian funeral to say the least.



Last evening we rode our whips out to Dreamland beach for sunset.  Unfortunately, Raine ran over a big ol' nail which popped his tire.





Made it to Uluwatu yesterday afternoon and quickly found an awesome place to stay.  We're living in a little 3 bedroom house with a kitchen and bathroom for the next few days.  cost=$12.50 each a night.  We went rented motorwhips and went to Uluwatu beach and Padang Padang beach yesterday.  The beaches here on the Bukit peninsula are amazing!  To get to them you have to walk down the steepest stairs and through narrow walkways- almost tunnels to get to the beach.  I'll put some cool photos up here soon.



Yesterday, we left Gili Trawangan and came to Sanur because we had a free shuttle here.  We soon discovered that there's nothing to do here so we're going to the Bukit peninsula today!


Gili Islands!

We're on the Gili Islands right now. They're super tropical and awesome. The island we are on right now is the "party" island i guess and there are bunch people always trying to sell you weed or magic mushrooms, which gets kind of annoying but is pretty funny. I cant upload any pictures right now, because I can't find any free WiFi but I hope to soon!


Monkey Forest



Here is the pool just outside our room in Ubud. This place is awesome and all the people here are super friendly. We're going to the Gili Islands tomorrow for a couple days of beach time!



Selamat! Its Marshall, hanging out in Ubud, Bali with Jeff and Raine. Everything here is cheap, the people are absolutely wonderful and the sights are amazing! I love Bintang rigs!


Hitting Hong Kong

Good Morning Asia!

Chillin in Hong kong. We have 11ish hours to burn...

Vancouver Airport

Raine and I are chillin in van for a few hours, awaiting our 13 plane ride to hong kong.

Fun fact - we won't see the sun until we land on Sunday morning because we're flying with the sun and are crossing the international date line.