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Perpetuum Jazzile

Claire's post about remakes of songs, using Toto's "Africa" and Karl Wolf's "Africa" as an example made me remember Perpetuum Jazzile's own version of "Africa".  It's killaaaaaaaaaaa.  Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian acapella band, their stuff is incredible  I think I have actually posted this here before, but nonetheless watch it! higher volume is better!

Katherine, My New Water Filter

I just recieved this sucker today.

I named her Katherine because it sounds like Katadyn and I accidentally said Katherine a couple times in my head, so it stuck.
After a quick test in the creek, she is definitely ready for some kayak/canoe/hiking missions.


Sun Screen Accelerates the Growth of Cancerous Cells?

I have always been weary of spreading chemicals all over my skin and often joked about sun screen being more dangerous than the sun.  Well I guess those ideas may be a reality.  According to this article, the vitamin A that is commonly used in sun screens to slow the aging of skin actually accelerates the rate of growth of tumors, lesions, and malignant cells in the test animals during lab studies.  Not to mention the other chemicals (oxybenzone) that get absorbed into the blood stream and the vitamin D deficiency problem that many people face.

On the following website you can search different kinds of sun screen to see how potentially dangerous they might be as well as see lists of the best and worst sun screens.


Check out my hair.  I've been harvesting it for a year and a week. 


09/10 Season Edit


09/010 Season Compilation! from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

I somehow forgot to post this when I finished it a couple weeks ago. There's a couple shots from other years that I felt like throwing in. Thanks to everyone for helping me have bunches of fun!


Weekly Backflip

Here is a backflip from last August at Nancy Greene lake. Many fun times were had out at the ropeswing.


One of the Cutest Videos I've Seen

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

I have loved sloths an unthinkable amount since I did a science project on them in grade 2 or 3. I always chose the most peculiar animals for my science projects - sloths, angler fish, and komodo dragons.
I also like platypusses, manatees, and narwhals.


sunday adventure from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

Fun times!

Today I road the whip out to Nancy Greene summit. Took 57mins to get there, not too bad for the first road ride of the year. I saw two deer and some asshole almost hit me. Fun!


Jumbo Mine.

Justin, Raine, Marsh, Basti, Pat, and I ventured up to Jumbo mine in the rain today, it was one of the better adventures I've had this year.  Here are some gopro photos! click to make them large and in charge.

Random Horse

MUD on the Tires!

Face Rock


Weeeeeeeeeeeee, Pictures don't do it justice.  You walk through a small stope then it opens up to this, you can't see the entrance tunnel here, it's passed Basti, around the corner.  We did some rock climbing inside the mountain.

This was taken from another tunnel Raine and I explored.  Shows the slope better.

Crawled out under the fence.

I aint scurred.

We fell some danger trees.  Keeping the forests safe one tree at a time.

The Whip

I captured some video also, keep your eyes peeled for a fun little edit.


Rough Night

I ended up naked again, it's all that stupid German drinking game's fault.
Nothing like a walk up a mountain in the sun/snow/hail/rain to clear the brain.


Sports Day...

Every year, the kids of Rossland Secondary School amalgamate into 4 teams (reminiscent of houses in HP) and earn points on Terry Fox Day, Valentines Day, and SPORTS DAY. As a captain of the Green team, I was responsible for getting everyone on my team fired up in a Green spirit to destroy our mainly the purple team. We hate the purple team so green, red, and yellow formed an alliance - GRELLOW.

here's the sports day video featuring... me. and a little Marshall.

SPORTS DAY! from Nathan Rose on Vimeo.

We (gillin greenness) ended up in 2nd place, behind purple, grrrr. (they cheated) But I'm proud to say that GRELLOW kicked purple's ass.


Firstly.  Watch this documentary.  It's amazing.  The best cinematography and really complete, informative information about sustainability and our destruction of the natural earth.  (I find it ironic that people want to "Save the Earth" because no matter what we do, the earth will still be here.  We need to "Save Ourselves from Ourselves" because we are going to be the ones suffering from outcome of the exceedingly excessive ways of living.)       

The HOME Project -  seriously, watch it.  It's incredible.  It's a full movie, so maybe watch it in parts.  But if your computer is fast enough, definitely watch in HD.

Secondly.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a fun band.  You've probably heard the song "Home" by them.  I've been listening to them for a while, but just saw the music video for "Home" yesterday.  It's really good.  One of the better music videos I've seen.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Home" from Edward Sharpe on Vimeo.

and another good song by them is - 40 Day Dream


Raw Thought Thursday

I think a lot.  I assume that most people do.  I have decided to write down many of my thoughts here for "RAW THOUGHT THURSDAY!".  I don't really feel like writing essays or anything so this will probably sound like I'm a sugar high twelve year old, but it's whatevaaaa, I could care less.  So prepare for a tornado of unorganized thoughts, ideas, assumptions, and observations straight from tha BRAIN!


Let it be known that I am not religious at all, well I guess if I had to be I would be Zen Buddhist, but I don't really know enough about it to call myself Buddhist.  Religion is always a fun topic of thought in my head.  It can be very controversial and a touchy subject for some people.  I guess that's what makes it fun for me.  Basically, I figure that religion originally stems from people not being able to explain/understand extraordinary events such as lunar events, floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc.  As we came to learn more and more about these occurrences  previously thought to be the will of the Gods or God, we slowly began to rely on religion as a way to teach morals, which is not a bad thing but somewhere along the way, people in positions of power began to use religion to control the masses.  Burning all books except for the bible isn't really a good way to progress a society...  Anyways, we have now entered a time where scientists know pretty much everything (well, technically everything we know is just a theory, nothing can ever proven 100% right because it relies on other assumptions and theories, but we know how many things work in relation to us.)  So basically much of what religions were founded on is gone.  We know that Adam and Eve didn't just get kicked out of heaven and start the human race, we know that thunder storms aren't Zeuss throwing lightning at us, and we know that the earth spins on an axis, making the seasons change as it orbits the sun.  I'm thinking too much now.
What I think is that today, religion is kept alive by tradition and also by the remaining "unknowns" - death, and the universe.  Our petty human minds just can't perceive nothingness.  Try it.  Think of nothing.  I thought of straight up black.  But black isn't nothing.  Black can be many things.  Black paper is something.  Black is when no light can reflect off of an object for us to be able to see it, just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.  That goes for all senses, who are we to say that just because we have never seen, heard, tasted, felt, or smelt something with our own bodies or instruments we have invented that it doesn't exist.  I don't think that there is such thing as nothing, but by saying that, I have to assume that the universe is infinite which is a whole other mindfuck.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch... it is easy to see why people turn to religion to explain things that they can't understand and I don't think we are going to understand the universe or death anytime soon.  I'm over it now, my head hurts too much.


Grad Decorating

Grad decorating is fun.  There seems to be a missconception amongst my fellow grads that our parents enjoy this, but really that's not the case and while certain parents like to dictate the whole thing, any help is greatly appreciated.  Don't even get me started on grad though, it's crazy how seriously people take it, it's only high school, graduating high school is not that big of an accomplishment.  Our budget is something rediculous like $12000 or something.  Does this not seem stupidly excessive?  I mean, to me, the part of grad that makes it a "good", memorable, special event will be; the parties, stag, spontanious crazy shit that cannot be recreated, and hanging out with my wonderful classmates.  Not being "traditional" or the decorations, the dinner, the gowns and everything we are throwing money at.  That's just my opinion though and no matter what we are going to have a blast, BUNCH fun.  I love my grad class and couldn't ask for a better group of people to celebrate this time with.

Raine's so damn TRILL

Sammy is a PIMP

Jeff's just blushing like a FOOL

There are many funny secrets hidden in our DICE. 

Everyone (Claire) should come hang out.
I have always been intrigued by the microscopic world. If anyone knows a little bit about chemistry, they might get as excited as I did when I saw this picture. This is the very first picture ever taken of a molecule! It's name is pentacene. Unfortunately, each circle on there isn't an individual atom, rather an aromatic ring. Each ring is composed of 6 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms bonded to them. I won't go any further into explaining it, just look it up yourself. Super cool nonetheless!

Bottled Water...

I greatly dislike bottled water. It is so wasteful in so many ways and for most people who drink it, it's completely unnecessary.  I could write a lengthy post about it but this illustration sums up the majority of my thoughts.

 Click on it!
Please stop drinking bottled water!


Backflip of the Week

Here is ma boi Joel Ryan last winter on his 2nd or 3rd backflip attempt.  I'm not sure what's wrong with him, but this is one of the more pittiful backflip attempts that I have ever seen.  probably a mixture of commitment issues and being a racer from Newfoundland...

Joel's Backflip Attempt from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

I sound like an asshole for laughing, but this was kind of a reoccuring event and I couldn't help myself.


1984 is Approaching...

Holy toledo!  This is ridiculous.  1984 status for sure.  If you haven't read 1984 by George Orwell, you probably should, it's a pretty good book about a totalitarian society that is controlled by the government through propaganda, mind control, and the craziest surveillance which is eerily similar to this whole school webcam fiasco.

Watch out Claire.

Crazy Weekend

This past weekend was pretty busy and tiresome, my whole body still hurts.

I woke up to blue skies and sunshine at 8:00AM on Saturday morning, feeling well rested and excited for the weekend. At 8:45AM I road my bike to the golf course to do the hands-on portion of the S-100 Course. The S-100 is a basic fire suppression and safety course which is mandatory for anyone who works in the forest. (logging, treeplanting, forest fire fighting, etc...) The guy who wrote the course (who is a good family friend) is from Rossland so we were fortunate enough to have him teach it to us. It was a full-on day of digging fire lines, setting up different pump systems, running fire hose, playing with high pressure water, and having bunch fun. I learned a lot, and I think fire fighting would be a tough, but fun and rewarding summer job. After the course, I road back up the highway to my house where I had a shower, ate a box of KD, then waited for Marsh, Raine, Chris, and Jamieson to get to my house so we could proceed to BRODIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH.

We got to the party at about 7:00PM, ready to GIV'ER. Before any socializing could be done, Marshall and I decided to get the tedious task of setting up our base camp over with before the sun set, rather than have to set it up in the dark while greatly inebriated. After 200 feet of rope, 2 tarps, and about 45 minutes climbing trees we had 2 makeshift hammocks set up. Beautiful. Party-related activities and fun times ensued for the next 9ish hours until everyone mellowed out for a brief break before sun rise. So much fun! I believe there were 100+ people there all gettin loose in the dirt (BERG).

Berg has braces hahaha.

I managed to lose everyone I arrived with, Brodie kissed Jordan (no homo),
deer steaks were eaten, Berg displayed some questionable behaviour like usual, my entire body hurts, Natasha pushed Jeremy + BBQ off the deck, Richard and Juan Carlos walked there(12km on logging roads) at 1AM, we burned some couches, I used my first aid training to save someone from choking on their own puke, and neither Marshall or I slept in our gorgeous hammocks.

I got home at 11:00AM on Sunday, then had to go to my cousin's birthday party in Nelson, returned home at 7:00PM and hung out for a couple hours reading and whatnot before succumbing the beckoning call of sleep around 11:00PM. 39 hours, what a day. And it's just the beginning of vortex of grad season, YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWW.

we aren't sorry for partying.


38 Hours...

This has been the longest 38 hour day of my life. I am needing sleep now.


Weekly Backflip?

I like backflips.  They are easy to do, but look difficult. You can do them off many different things in many different ways.  So I've decided to post a clip of a backflip every week and tell the story behind it.  It may be on skis, on a ropeswing, on the ground, off a swing, it might be me, it might be one of my friends, who knows.

Anyways...  May. 8th, last Saturday.  I went up Granite for my usual Saturday morning skin and ski.  I noticed that on Indian Flats, a cat had plowed a road for trucks to drive up, leaving these large, cylindrical banks of snow.  Naturally, I saw the opportunity to be had in these mounds of snow and quickly shaped out a little take off.  Since I was alone up there I did a test hit to feel out the air time then noticed that some snow was quickly approaching so I did this backflip and continued my skin up in the snow.

backflip #1 from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.


Nas & Damien Marley - Distant Relatives

Distant Relatives is a collaboration between Nas and Damien Marley, with appearances from K'naan, Stephan Marley, Dennis Brown, and Joss Stone. If you like rap or reggae, get this right here for sure. I've listened to it a bit and definitely like what I heard. I will probably buy the album once it is released. Get STOKED.
shoutout to megan dave gunning for having red hair and being a wonderful wife.


Tater Ware! Biodegradable Food Service

My good friend Tessa brought back this plastic container full of french fries from the Rock Cut.  Firstly, the Rock Cut makes the best french fries I've ever had.  Secondly, this container was biodegradable!

I've probably written on here before about how any plastic can be made from plant cellulose, but I've never really seen any cellulose based plastic in the flesh. I'm just really stoked that local businesses are finally starting to use products such as this one.


8 Months of Snow

We have had enough snow to ski on in and around Rossland since October.  I'm kind of wanting summer to come, but at the same time, the skiing is great and so much fun still.

May 4th Snow

Here is an edit from Ian Provo, who consistantly puts out the best POV footage of skiing and snowboarding. Utah got a little bit of snow in the past couple days...

Wasatch Spring Skiing from Ian Provo on Vimeo.

and shoutout to Charlotte Reed. for being 'murican and saving humans from themselves.