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Bottled Water...

I greatly dislike bottled water. It is so wasteful in so many ways and for most people who drink it, it's completely unnecessary.  I could write a lengthy post about it but this illustration sums up the majority of my thoughts.

 Click on it!
Please stop drinking bottled water!


  1. This is awesome Jeff! I'm still trying to get my Dad to stop buying bottled water all the time. It's useless! Just buy a reusable water bottle (costs far less than how much you'll spend on bottled water in a year!) and fill it up with tap water! I mean sure, I don't fully like the taste of my tap water, so I leave my water bottle sitting with the lid off to let anything bad out :P

  2. By the way, have you seen the video that the woman who did "Story of Stuff" did on bottled water? You should definitely check it out! :)

  3. Agreed!
    I use a SIGG waterbottle, it's fantastic! It has two openings, a wide mouth and a smaller one, so I can fit my ice in the big one and drink out of the small one! Perfect design!