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Jumbo Mine.

Justin, Raine, Marsh, Basti, Pat, and I ventured up to Jumbo mine in the rain today, it was one of the better adventures I've had this year.  Here are some gopro photos! click to make them large and in charge.

Random Horse

MUD on the Tires!

Face Rock


Weeeeeeeeeeeee, Pictures don't do it justice.  You walk through a small stope then it opens up to this, you can't see the entrance tunnel here, it's passed Basti, around the corner.  We did some rock climbing inside the mountain.

This was taken from another tunnel Raine and I explored.  Shows the slope better.

Crawled out under the fence.

I aint scurred.

We fell some danger trees.  Keeping the forests safe one tree at a time.

The Whip

I captured some video also, keep your eyes peeled for a fun little edit.

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  1. Oh it looks like you guys had SO much fun!
    I can't wait to see the video!