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Crazy Weekend

This past weekend was pretty busy and tiresome, my whole body still hurts.

I woke up to blue skies and sunshine at 8:00AM on Saturday morning, feeling well rested and excited for the weekend. At 8:45AM I road my bike to the golf course to do the hands-on portion of the S-100 Course. The S-100 is a basic fire suppression and safety course which is mandatory for anyone who works in the forest. (logging, treeplanting, forest fire fighting, etc...) The guy who wrote the course (who is a good family friend) is from Rossland so we were fortunate enough to have him teach it to us. It was a full-on day of digging fire lines, setting up different pump systems, running fire hose, playing with high pressure water, and having bunch fun. I learned a lot, and I think fire fighting would be a tough, but fun and rewarding summer job. After the course, I road back up the highway to my house where I had a shower, ate a box of KD, then waited for Marsh, Raine, Chris, and Jamieson to get to my house so we could proceed to BRODIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH.

We got to the party at about 7:00PM, ready to GIV'ER. Before any socializing could be done, Marshall and I decided to get the tedious task of setting up our base camp over with before the sun set, rather than have to set it up in the dark while greatly inebriated. After 200 feet of rope, 2 tarps, and about 45 minutes climbing trees we had 2 makeshift hammocks set up. Beautiful. Party-related activities and fun times ensued for the next 9ish hours until everyone mellowed out for a brief break before sun rise. So much fun! I believe there were 100+ people there all gettin loose in the dirt (BERG).

Berg has braces hahaha.

I managed to lose everyone I arrived with, Brodie kissed Jordan (no homo),
deer steaks were eaten, Berg displayed some questionable behaviour like usual, my entire body hurts, Natasha pushed Jeremy + BBQ off the deck, Richard and Juan Carlos walked there(12km on logging roads) at 1AM, we burned some couches, I used my first aid training to save someone from choking on their own puke, and neither Marshall or I slept in our gorgeous hammocks.

I got home at 11:00AM on Sunday, then had to go to my cousin's birthday party in Nelson, returned home at 7:00PM and hung out for a couple hours reading and whatnot before succumbing the beckoning call of sleep around 11:00PM. 39 hours, what a day. And it's just the beginning of vortex of grad season, YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWW.

we aren't sorry for partying.

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