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Tater Ware! Biodegradable Food Service

My good friend Tessa brought back this plastic container full of french fries from the Rock Cut.  Firstly, the Rock Cut makes the best french fries I've ever had.  Secondly, this container was biodegradable!

I've probably written on here before about how any plastic can be made from plant cellulose, but I've never really seen any cellulose based plastic in the flesh. I'm just really stoked that local businesses are finally starting to use products such as this one.


  1. The Alpine Grind has them too! And all of our take home cups and such are recyclable :D

  2. thats awesome! i really need to start going there more often.

  3. Just lurking but FYI. Taterware is made up of 73% polypropylene (plastic). This means it is not compostable at commercial composting facilities. It also means the majority of the product is not in fact biodegradable. The product would need to be recycled like you would regular plastic utensils.