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Arrow Lake

I went for a journey to Arrow Lake with some homeboys, since I can't swim or do cool things, I took pictures of some bros swimming and doing cool things. Soooper hot day, so it was great to get in some water. There's still to much water to do the natural waterslide though which is a bummer.



I made this out of a couple garbage bags and hockey tape.

bamboo socks on tha feet aswell.


No Dice

Soooooooo I went to visit Mr. Surgeon today for a lil check up. It has been 9 weeks since the surgery and I feel great, the shoulder doesn't hurt very often, I can sleep all the way through the night, and I dropped the sling last week. Buuuut Mr. Surgeon says I cant do anything that involves my arm, not even physio until .... September - shit. Not stoked at all. So I'm stuck with this pinner ass arm for who knows how long. But! he said I can bike if I take it really, really easy so thats good, I'll have something else to do other than nature hikes.

On another note, bredren Tdubb is chillin in the hospital these days, they thought his kidneys failed again, but its chill, they're fine. Send vibrations to him.

Check this out, it looks soooooper sick!

love jeff



This is such a good documentary about sustainability and how we disrupt the balance of our planet.
The cinematography is amazing, especially if you watch it in HD.


Count It!

Hi! Long time no post!
As of late, my life has been consumed by school, reading books, and staying sane while not being able to use my right arm.

I've been playing soccer by myself, hiking by myself, and spending a lot of time by myself in general. Thats good though, because I like myself and learn about myself constantly.

Last weekend, I met my facebook girlfriend. Her name is Mackensey Young. She has red hair and freckles. She doesn't handle alcohol very well, but it's chill, I like Mackensey, she actually has something inside her head unlike many girls.