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Dane Tudor's first switch triple....

My pal Dane has been having an unreal early season out in Colorado this year.  This switch triple is, I guess, the exclamation point of his early season so far.  There are only a small handful of the world's top park skiers who have done triple variations, and Dane's is definitely (IMHO) one of, if not the styliest one yet. Not to mention the ridiculous cork 7 & 9 wallride taps along with both switch double 9s in this video.   Super stoked for him!


2012 X Games Real Snow - urban snowboarding just became next level

Click this link - and prepare to have your mind blown.  Make sure to vote for your favourite in each matchup so they can move onto the next round!



Our trusty old tractor/zamboni at the Rossland Arena is being retired this year. Despite having not put on skates for the past 5 years, I used to spend a lot of time skating on freshly flooded ice in that arena. I'm sad to see the tractor go but as this video says it may just be going "to a pond nearby". Possibly the outdoor rink kitty corner to the arena? that would be sick.

Anyways, check out the video Juicy Studios put together. My boy Andre helped film and edit it.  Watch his movie "Nothing Else Matters" from last winter in Europe with the Legs of Steel Crew again here -


First Tracks - December 30th on Short Squaw

Here's a quick POV from the first run of the day on December 30th down Short Squaw. I'm definitely still not skiing at my fullest as my knee is still healing and getting stronger, but it feels great to open up some turns and slowly work towards where I was at the end of last season.

Not that sick of a vid, I know but I figured it was time to put something a little more relevant to me on here.

Much, much more to come!


Dylan's December delivered.

I like alliterations, and Dylan's December bangers.

happy jersday/wingnight!


Early Season Vinz

I helped film some of these shots (the bad ones) for Vinz. He killed it like usual but I'm really a terrible filmer. But the shots work, I guess it's something for me to improve on...