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Summer Living

August was awesome!

I explored all over Red Mountain. (p.s. All of the pictures look WAY better when you click on them.)

Swam in it.

Picked many huckleberries.

I read Tom Sawyer

My great friend Megan (dave) played with me for a week, it was awesome.

Experimented with dairy altenatives.

Went to Arrow Lake.

And the natural waterslide.

Roamed around Kootenay Lake.

Burned incense.

I adventured around Kokanee Glacier Park.



Went to Wilson Falls.

Checked out some avi debris from last winter near Retallack.

That is snow.

Took out the highway dividers and errrthang

Bought a straw hat!

Flew my kite.

Played at Nancy Greene.

And filmed some of it with the help of Nathan Rose, Evan Mackay, Raine Spencer, and Marshall Soltice.

GoPro Summer Montage from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.