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Pow Turns.

The past couple of days have been incredible!  Lots of wind loading has made these seemingly insignificant snowfalls very significant!  I don't like writing very much, so I'll let this little clip do the talking.


The biggest lineup I've ever seen for the Motherlode.

hi tessy, and sarah.

Nate's imaginary dubdate at the most romantic cafeteria in Salmo.


Backflip of the Week

I pray for you brotha.

And here's a photo I shot on the gopro today...


The BOYS at Revy

Check out this edit Peacock put together from Revy a couple weeks ago!  Mike was on a murder mission.


Temporary Setback...

Last Monday (feb 7th), I made a bad judgement, didn't commit, landed weird, and dislocated my shoulder again. Just another day in the life of jeff i guess. I posted this video thinking it would give people an idea of what it's like to have your shoulder out of it's socket, but it really doesn't. I may sound pretty calm, but my head sure isn't. It's pretty frustrating to have put so much time into making it better, just to be back to square one because of a little mistake, but whatevaaaaaaaaaaa, I didn't miss a day, and I'm skiing at about 95% right now so I'm happy.


Review: Icebreaker Merino Wool Socks.

For Christmas this year, I received socks and underwear.  And I LOVE them.  My favourite of all would definitely have to be my Icebreaker ski socks.  Merino wool is an amazing material, and Icebreaker is doing it right!  One thing I like about Icebreaker is the "Baaa" code that comes on all of their products.  You can type this code in on their website to find out what farm the sheep that grew the wool for your Icebreaker product came from.

Because I ski everyday, I go through a lot of ski socks and I know what works best for me - Icebreaker Midweight ski socks!  I can wear these rig units skiing, hiking, adventuring multiple days in a row without them smelling.  They're miracle socks and I reccomend them to everyone.

PS - I'm in no way affiliated with Icebreaker, but I would love to be.


The Best GoPro Edit I've Ever Seen!

Big ups to Spriggs and crew for slayin all the snow that has been falling in CO.  I may have to bite the backpack pole mount because it looks soo illllllllll.


Seth Morrison - The Ordinary Skier Trailer

Seth had been one of my favourite skiers for a long time, always sending the biggest backflips and skiing some of the gnarliest lines along with a badass attitude makes him a very impressionable person. Check out the trailer for his new movie.


The GAME Rail Jam

The Game rail jam went off this year! It's always the funnest event of the year and this one was no exception. I spent the whole time just jammin hotlap trains with all the bros, having fun the way it should be! I'd like to give major props to Todd Loukras, Vinzenz Keller, Adam Whitehead, and the guy who was snowboarding and skiing for killing it really hard.

Here's an edit that Nathan threw together from that day. Enjoy!