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Granite Expedition

Went for a cahj walk up Granite Mountain with JZ, Marsh, Raine, Cook, Dayna, and Chris the other day.  We commenced our trek up pretty late - around 5 for various reasons but that made for an unreal sunset to welcome us at the top of the mountain.  Since my leg is still pretty weak and I knew that I wouldn't be able to walk down in the morning, I dragged my mountain bike alll the way up to make the descent much easier on the knee.

Crazy to think I was skiing down this 5 months ago.

Pretty cahj
This year we were fortunate enough to have a supply truck (Buck, Tuna, Dom, Sarah) drive us some supplies up so we didn't have to carry in a ridiculous amount of water (there aren't any creeks or bodies of water at the top of mountains).  Since they could bring us this water and denser supplies, we were able to cook real food on our stoves instead of living off of hotdogs and trail mix like usual.

Rookie primer.

Sidekick soup?

 Perfect wiener - burnt on the outside, raw on the inside.

Sidekick party.

Raine left his mark on the helipad.

Dayna cookin some pancakes.

I'd say this is one of the better places I've eaten pancakes.

JZ didn't have the best sleep on the helipad because he tied a rope around his waist to ensure he would roll/sleepwalk off the side of the mountain.

See ya when the snow flies granite!

Arrow with the boys

 Went out to Arrow lake the other week with Neil, Buck, JO, and Momo to jump off some rocks and ride the water slide.  Luckily, we had a CD of bangin Grammy Nominations from 2000 to entertain us!  It even inspired a decades themed party the next week.

Buck peeing out the bottom of his shorts...

An O'hara sighting.

Melon Keller jumping

JO landing on Buck.

Momo and Neil just being cahj after jumping.

cahj wildlife.


pretty scary for momo

not cold for JO.

Neil catchin some air.
I even rode this rig too, pretty much the first fun thing I've done since knee surgery.  stoked.


Floating the Slocan

There are lots of things you just have to do if you're in the west Kootenays in the summer.  Floating the Slocan River is one of them.  I've been fortunate enough to take part in a bunch of these floats with a whole spectrum of different people in the past couple of weeks and they're always a blast.

The Zah, Hoods, JZ, and Moosh.  Cahj crew.

Neil just broin' out.
Party island hit the Slocan in full force.

As did all these cahj floaters.

Buck powering party island.  (believe it or not there were actually girls on it)
Buck's always down to work hard to catch up to the cooler.

Complete gong show.

Tuna just loving it.


Karmaloop Rep

Nathan Rose here. I don't usually contribute to this blog, but when I do I deliver the goods. I have recently become a Rep for, with this title I have a Rep Code that lets you save 20% off all purchases when you type in: FSHB4FNC at checkout. Go out and by some new rags!

- Nate



Check em out.  If you like listening to music in bed or just casually lying somewhere, these seem like they would be the ticket to a comfortable time.


Montage UnReleased

This is a ridiculously sick edit from the montage crew down in Mammoth.  Normally I could care less about watching people ski park but this is just off the chain.  Immaculate styles and flow coming from Cali, makes me want to shred park more often.

Montage is one of best things going on in park skiing right now, enjoy!