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Grad Decorating

Grad decorating is fun.  There seems to be a missconception amongst my fellow grads that our parents enjoy this, but really that's not the case and while certain parents like to dictate the whole thing, any help is greatly appreciated.  Don't even get me started on grad though, it's crazy how seriously people take it, it's only high school, graduating high school is not that big of an accomplishment.  Our budget is something rediculous like $12000 or something.  Does this not seem stupidly excessive?  I mean, to me, the part of grad that makes it a "good", memorable, special event will be; the parties, stag, spontanious crazy shit that cannot be recreated, and hanging out with my wonderful classmates.  Not being "traditional" or the decorations, the dinner, the gowns and everything we are throwing money at.  That's just my opinion though and no matter what we are going to have a blast, BUNCH fun.  I love my grad class and couldn't ask for a better group of people to celebrate this time with.

Raine's so damn TRILL

Sammy is a PIMP

Jeff's just blushing like a FOOL

There are many funny secrets hidden in our DICE. 

Everyone (Claire) should come hang out.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who felt this way!
    Graduating from high school is really quite trivial, I don't see the big deal. Everyone does it.
    I guess it's kind of just a landmark in your life.
    I have no intention of wearing a fancy gown to my prom.
    However, I LOVE your decorations. Those pictures are great! Thanks for sharing!
    Tell me when to hang out and I'LL BE THERE!