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Knee surg + grad.

I've had a busy past couple days.  kicked off Friday with a casual trip down to the Trail Hospital at 6am for an ACL reconstruction in my left knee.  Basically they took a few strands from my hamstring, braided them together into one new ligament and screwed it into my knee through holes drilled through my femur and tibia to make a brand new anterior cruciate ligament!  The surgery took about two - three hoursish (I think) and I woke up around 11 to take this picture...
Yeah, I was feeling pretty rough, more from the anesthetic and pain killers than actual pain.  I saw the surgeon briefly post-op and he informed me that the surgery went really well and there was no damage to my meniscus so I can weight bare as much as the pain will let me.  I stayed in the hospital for another three and a half hours recovering (facebooking) before I was allowed to leave.  From the hospital, I headed straight to RSS to see all my graduating friends look dapper in their outfits on the big day.  That was definitely the highlight of my day
Just a casual crew of knee injuries.    

The Boys

A picture of people taking pictures of people.


Dev and Elly, looking goood.

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling up to the Grad related activities that ensued that evening but I did manage to make it to many of the Grad parties I had hoped to attend with the help of my dearest mother (chauffeur).

Tuna, just lacing into some breakfast sausage.

Socks, sandals, and pyjama pants?  Buck is a really classy guy.  

oh hey.

Ben is just a casual morning drinker.

Buck, eating 62 meatballs.

Arch and Sim1

What would grad be without beer pong?

breakin chairs.

Backstreet's back.

One of the most homosexual things I've seen lately.

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