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Nakusp Music Fest

 On Friday I headed up to Nakusp for their annual music festival with no plans and nowhere to stay, but my hammock and a bunch of bros.  Our convoy rolled into Nakusp and headed straight to Hookarm's house where a bunch of the boys camped last year.  Upon our arrival, we quickly realized that Hookarm doesn't live in his house any more... 

Hookarm's house.

Sure enough, within 15 minutes of being in Nakusp, the cops were onto us.  Apparently you're not allowed to camp on the side of the road at Hookarm's house and you aren't allowed to drink beer in public in Nakusp.          

we saw these cops a lot.

Since the cops weren't too keen on us setting up camp at Hookarm's house, we moved home base all the way across the road to tent city where we had to pay $90 for 3 nights per campsite.

Tent City.


 Tuna dumped relish and mustard all over his Pachos with the extra special sauce.

Then he licked it off..

My sleeping set up for night 1.

Deaner and Buck laced into the fireball at around 8am on Saturday.

and here's Dean FUBARed a few hours later.  (party island in the background may have contributed)


Tuna hitting up the pulled pork this time.  Nakusp music fest has the best food.

Kevin Costner sucks.

View of our party people from my hammock at about 7am, right before I fell asleep on night 2 (actually day 3).  

Hammock had to be on the outside of the fence for night 2 because our whole Kootenay crew got evicted with no refund from tent city for various reasons.  They didn't want to let the kids play, so we played even harder on the side of the road beside tent city.

Don't tempt Buck with a good time.

just a Tuna.
yeah, that's poo smeared on Buck's windshield...

He got it off with paper towel though.

And burned it, it's chill.

Deaner and Buck passed out again, yeeeehaw!

KBS mobile was with us in full force.  Tuna and the Chief win everything from them.

Tuna, just workin the grill in the rain.

I came back to tent city at about 3am on Monday morning to find Buck passed out in his truck with it idling, the music bumping, and the heat on full blast.

Other notable events include 
- driving a random Nakusp native's car all over Nakusp to pick up a homemade wooden speaker, powered by two car batteries.
- killing it on Buck's party island (a big floating rig with waterproof speakers and a little electric motor and obviously rigged with a floating cooler)
- skinny dipping.
- being the designated driver all weekend and the drive home.
- roaming band.
- Doobie Brothers
- The Hut
- Honeymoon Suite
- Reggae guy
- Momo peeing on all fours.
- Momo peeing his pants.
- scrogs
- Bubba's scrog and the Doz.
- Dean and Buck dipping into some midday SoCo.
- Casual Sunday.
- "I punched myself in the face tying a knot." - Buck
- "You kids want some coke?  I have about 3 grams here I don't want." - Deaner's random buddy
- Chiefs plate.

See ya next year Nakusp!

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