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Whitewater and Big Red Cats

On Tuesday I jumped on the opportunity to shred Whitewater with racer friends Mackensey, Sarah, Mick, Phil, and Nathan.  Wh20 had just been graced with 50cms in the past 3 days so needless to say the skiing was sooooooper fun and I was finally able to ski the new Glory Chair which exponentially increased the epicness of the day. 

Sarah's dreamcatcher/trinket/rig.

Gettin' so artsy with picture effect apps.

Racer ready!

You can't really tell, but Mackensey's hair is casually red.

yo nate.

Then on Wednesday, Nathan and I were fortunate enough to go cat skiing with Big Red Cats to shoot some photos.  Our cat was filled with a solid group of shredders and even though the weather was nowhere near conducive to getting banger photos, we had an awesome day shredding some amazing pow.  HUGE thanks to Paula and Kieren for letting us tag along for the day!  Check out - they have some super cheap standby seats right now.



Here are the shots that Nathan got, check out his flickr -
Tyler boostin.

Myself, getting amongst some snow.

Only photo with good light.

I'm under that snow somewhere...

Pillow poppin.

Tailgunner Chris.

Today, I did a quick lap on DL's trees on Mount Roberts.  I'm an idiot and left my skins+trekkers at home so I spent 45mins bootpacking through shin to mid thigh deep snow.  It was totally worth it though!

Then after a couple inbounds laps, I skied home...
casual waterskiing in the casual bayou

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