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Knee is Gone.

Today was my first day not skiing since January 4th...
I went down pretty hard yesterday rippin through some tight trees. My instincts thought that the only way to make it through was to dive head first through the only opening in the extra tight bunch, but my left ski got hung up and subsequently my knee popped out. At first I thought my leg was broken for sure but I soon recognized that slow, bone grinding feeling of bones slipping back into their rightful place albeit, not properly attached. Took me a while to gather myself to ski down, but I made it. Went to see the doctor today, he can't really tell much from tugging on my knee but I can sure tell it's not attached very well. Mr. MD is saying blown MCL, probably ACL and possible PCL, sooooo on Monday I'm going to get a consultation from the surgeon who did my shoulder. In the mean time, the knee feels ok. Really unstable, but I can still walk and doesn't hurt too much - way less than a shoulder. I guess that it was inevitable that I'd blow a knee at some point and this isn't a bad time to do it - if I can get into surgery soon. Time to get on the mend!

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