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Bizarre Ideas

- Last night I was watching TV and I ended up stopping on a show called "My son the pornographer" at first I thought it would be a high drama reality show about a millionaire who documents porn, well you can't judge a book by its cover. The shows about a pornographer who dropped out of school, was sexually assaulted and moved to Prague and becomes a pornographer. His father is making the documentary to try to reach out to his son.
I learned a lot from this show and about the porn industry, and I thought to myself; I could do that. The porn industry, just like health care, no matter how bad the economy is will never shut down because people are always needing help and will pay what ever it takes to stay alive. Its the same as the porn industry, people will always be horny and as weird and twisted it may sound there are so many people out there that rely on porn to be happy, if you know what I mean. People will keeping looking at porn as long as they are living and as long as they're living the more money they will spend on themselves to stay healthy and alive.
After realizing all of this information I had the wildest idea of becoming a pornographer, but I'm all over that now because that shit don't phase me.

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