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Lake Louise

Rolled out to Lake Louise this past weekend for the Freeski Comp, I did really well there last year and many good friends of mine were going so I was pretty excited. Lake Louise is super rocky and after the first day of shredding, I had to use a stick and a half of p-tex to fill my previously mint bases.

The first day of competition on ER7 went really well, I stomped my run and qualified 3rd.

Qualifying run in lake louise from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.

I was totally ready for finals with a pretty technical, high scoring line that I stomped 3 times in a row that morning, but in my run a newly surfaced rock grabbed my ski near the top and tossed me straight to another rock on my hip. I am so thankful that the second rock stopped me because if would have kept falling, there were some serious rocks below me that would probably hurt me pretty badly.

Untitled from Jeff Amantea on Vimeo.
The aftermath:
and crutches!
My hip doesn't feel too pimp, but I'm glad I didn't get seriously hurt.

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