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Got done with ma surgery yesterday. I think/hope it went well, I didnt talk to the surgeon after I woke up and I wont see him for a week or so. I was KOed for about 2 hours which is kinda cool I guess. They did a nerve block (which involved a massive needle in my neck)which numbed my whole arm and kept it numb until last evening (whick sucked). I get to wear this sling 24/7 for the next 5 weeks and 6 days then I'll have no muscle and will have to rehab hard for another couple months before I can really do anything. I'm all strung up on T3's but even then it feels like my shoulder is out of the socket (pain) and when the drugs wear off every 3 hours my shoulder feels like it is out and has forks stabbing it. Sooo sleeping is quite difficult and thinking hurts so I'm going to be worthless for a couple more days.

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