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Goodbye Square Tips...

To get skin loops to fit properly over Moment's signature square tips, I had to sand the corners down a bit. It ended up working very well, and I had perfectly functioning skins for the first post-season tour of the year up Granite with Tyler.


  1. Nice work Jeff. Glad to see you finally rigged up some skins and are no longer boot packin' up there. Energy well spent. Now make sure you have a probe, peep, know how to use them and you'll have endless terrain to explore in the Rossland range. See you out there.

  2. what kind of skins do you have? You should have just bought some G3 Alpinist skins. That's what I use with my Moments - instead of the traditional loops, they have two metal clips to hook onto the nose, they work really really great with my skis. I guess it's too late now though.