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Fat-y-Pus Skis.

So there was a Fat-y-pus demo at the hill the other day and being my curious self, I was intrigued by their excessively fat skis. After getting Anna Hogarth to sign a waiver for me (thanks! - it's weird that I'm a legal adult, can vote, pay taxes, buy porn, but I can't sign my own waivers!!?) I hopped on a pair of their 194 "D-senders" - their longest, stiffest ski.
I have to say I had a slightly negative bias toward these skis just because of their corny name and marketing techniques, but these skis definitely blew my expectations away. They are super stable and damp, and surprisingly light for how damp they are - I could pop little 3s off the ground easily. They hold an edge really well and I didn't notice any tip flap (I don't really watch my skis while I'm skiing...). I think they would be just fine in the trees, they definitely felt shorter than my 190 Rubys which perform fabulously in the trees. I would definitely buy a pair of 194's, despite only skiing them in a few conditions, they seem like a very versatile, well rounded ski.

p.s. check back for a little rail sliding edit from the past couple days.

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